Deposit money online to earn interest, compounded and paid every second.

Deposit your USD online into your MyConstant account through our licensed custodian, Prime Trust. Earn an automatic 4% APY interest, compounded and paid every second, or store it in an insured escrow. Link up to two US bank accounts for ACH transfers through Plaid. No fees.

Top up your USD account
Earn up to 50x better interest than a Savings Account
Send via ACH, wire
Insure or invest your balance

How to deposit your money on MyConstant


Create your deposit order


Send your funds via wire, or ACH through a linked US bank account.


Your balance will update according to our service times.


Earn 4% APY or escrow your balance with Prime Trust.


Invest in a fixed-term loan or withdraw at anytime for free.

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Frequently-asked questions (FAQs)

Here you'll find answers to the most common questions our customers ask. If you can't find your answer here, please email us at and we'll be happy to help you.

To deposit into your MyConstant account, click Make a deposit from your Accounts page or visit the deposit page directly.

Choose how much you want to deposit and then click Deposit now.

On the next screen, you can choose from three deposit methods. We support ACH transfers for linked US accounts up to $5,000, and wire transfers which are unlimited.

Choose the appropriate deposit method and then follow the on-screen instructions. If you don’t have a linked US bank account, you can set one up using the on-screen link.

Once we receive your deposit, which may take 1-5 business days depending on the method you choose, your balance will update within 1 business day.

Please note, non-diamond members are only allowed to have 1 active ACH transfer active at a time.

Please read our service times for more information.

Your balance earns 4% APY by default through Instant-access investing, our anytime-withdrawal investment account. If you’d prefer not to use Instant-access investing, you can disable it from your Accounts page (under Accounts detail).

Disabling Instant-access investing means your money will remain with Prime Trust, our accredited US custodian, who will store your funds across multiple insured bank accounts to an aggregate limit of $130,000,000. You will be able to withdraw uninvested funds at anytime for free, but you won’t earn any interest on your balance.

We currently support ACH transfers for linked US accounts up to $5,000 per transaction, and wire transfers which are unlimited.

In the interest of security, we’re in the process of moving all cash management to our custodial partner, Prime Trust. This means in the future we won’t need to handle your funds at all.

However, we’re somewhat limited by the deposit methods Prime Trust accept, and it’s likely Zelle will be phased out in the next few months.