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Get a crypto-backed loan against multi-coin collateral.

Borrow against your multi-crypto portfolio in minutes from just 6% APR. Withdraw in fiat, stablecoins, or trade your loan for cryptocurrency at the best prices. Your collateral is securely stored and returned when you repay. No exchanges. No trading fees. Trade or cash-in the value of your portfolio without selling up.

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Borrow from just 6% APR
Combine 0+ cryptocurrencies as collateral
Get cash or coins without selling up
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Your collateral is securely stored in either a Prime Trust cold wallet, an Ethereum smart contract, or a password-protected web wallet until you repay your loan.

Why borrow against your crypto with MyConstant?

Get a loan in minutes from just 6% APR. Withdraw in fiat, stablecoins, or trade your loan for cryptocurrency at the best prices.
Withdraw in crypto?
LTV ratio
Up to 66%
Up to 90%
Up to 50%
Up to 50%
Supported cryptos
Recall excess mid-term?
For repayment of loan only
Auto top-up

* Trade your USD loan for a supported cryptocurrency at the best prices without exchanges or trading fees.

Why borrow against your crypto with MyConstant?

Withdraw in fiat or crypto
Get USD straight to your bank account or trade your loan for cryptocurrency. We search multiple exchanges for the best prices in the market and never charge you trading fees.
Flexible terms
Borrow any amount for 1, 3, 6 or 9 months, giving you the flexibility to repay at a time that suits you.
Combine or isolate collateral
Borrow against your whole portfolio (multi-collateral) or isolate a single crypto, giving you better leverage, repayment, and top-up options.
Secure escrow
Smart contracts and Prime Trust custody protect your collateral while ensuring we can return it to you as quickly as possible.
No credit scoring
No credit scoring or background checks. Get funds instantly, no month-long waiting games for approval.

How to get a crypto-backed loan

Choose a term
Borrow any amount for 30, 90, or 180 days. The shorter your term, the lower the interest.
Choose cash or crypto
Receive your loan in USD or cryptocurrency. We always source the best cryptocurrency prices from multiple exchanges and you never pay any trading fees.
Deposit your collateral
Send collateral to secure your loan. You can combine different cryptocurrencies to meet the minimum collateral value.
Withdraw your loan
Once you’ve sent your collateral, you can withdraw your loan in fiat or stablecoins. Your collateral is securely stored and returned to you when you repay.
Repay at anytime
It's no early repayment fees applied. Repay anytime with no penalties in fiat, stablecoins, or crypto to get your collateral back. Then withdraw your collateral to your wallet of choice or use it for another loan.
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"Where these interests overlap, new DeFi products emerge, such as cryptobacked lending. You invest (U.S. dollars) or a stablecoin in a borrower who stakes cryptocurrency as collateral and in return receive interest," Roper says.

John Divine
Senior Investing Reporter

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