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@traders_insight Jan 24, 2020

I wrote up a full review of @Constantp2p, a secured P2P lending platform. Right now I'm earning 8% APR on my 3rd 30-day term loan.

I'm really excited about what the team has built and love the functionality behind it. Get ready for a podcast coming soon.

@traders_insight Jan 24, 2020

it’s great! thanks for launching.

are you planning to incorporate @Plaid into your platform? would be much better for secure direct transfer of funds to/from banks.

@UJOATcom Feb 07, 2020

you constantly keep exceeding my expectations. Awesome job and hats off to the team.

@chartist_artist Feb 05, 2020

The platform and good and quickly response by Telegram of all req👍👍👍👍

@RookieXBT Dec 24, 2019

2/ @constantp2p is P2P lending platform that offers customers to use various currencies as collateral. Borrow or Invest, your choice!

Including, but not limited to: $ENJ, $VET, $FTM, $BNB

The offer great customer service and have an easy to use website!

@RookieXBT Dec 15, 2019

You guys are amazing !

@Christopher_Xii Dec 06, 2019

I hope to be able to staking on myConstant and receive a reward for HBwallet. That is a great feature for those who like passive income

@Tim88288305 Dec 05, 2019

great news! Looking to have more cool features between @HBWallet_Ether & @constantp2p

@anhntv2012 Nov 04, 2019

Thank you, @constantp2p, for making my Monday brighter 😍 Let's go staking $TOMO @TomoChainANN 💰💰💰

@KryptoKarlsson Oct 01, 2019

You tried @constantp2p yet? Really nice alternative to a centralized bank where you get 5% (!) interest only for depositing funds. Crypto-backed loans and P2P lending are also nice features! Register here and get a 10$ bonus: #crypto #btc #eth #DeFi

@Markus30230949 Sep 30, 2019

That’s awesome! Love my constant and the 10% market rate and 14% for BUSD is insane! Keep up the great work! Are you guys working on an IPhone App yet?

@cz_binance Sep 18, 2019

Some much appreciated "competition" to @binance lending. Let's grow together! 🙏🙏🙏

@KJNorthcote Oct 11, 2019

Interested in peer-to-peer lending and online investing? Here's part one of my review of @constantp2p one of the most innovative lending platforms out there. #p2p #investing #finance

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As the new kid on the block, we get a lot of press. Journalists cover everything from our invesment products to the flexibility and support you get along the way. Find out what finance’s most respected publications think about us below.

writes about MyConstant

Constant which allows borrowers and lenders to transact directly. Banks, brokers and other third parties are cut off from any deal, and therefore access to financial data is minimized. Constant lowers borrowing costs by removing middlemen, and thereby streamlining processes.

writes about MyConstant

Constant acts as a trading hub where borrowers and creditors pick the best deal. Moreover, the Redlands, Calif.-based venture allows users to set their own interest rates and terms -- a feature that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

writes about MyConstant

Lenders can choose their terms, no credit check, and no nonsense – and find borrowers. Programming a system like this using the US banking system, would be expensive, cumbersome, time consuming, and who knows what it might look like after all the regulatory approvals.



Technology is our heart, and customers are our lifeblood. We combine the two to build products that make a positive difference to people’s lives.

The traditional loan agreement has been replaced by an unstoppable Ethereum smart contract without any possibility of downtime, fraud, or third-party interference. Fully-secured, blockchain-enabled P2P lending is our contribution to a bankless banking system.
The best thing about Constant, however, is the security the lending platform has in place. Every loan is fully secured and backed in multiple ways. While on loan it’s protected by borrower collateral, and while waiting to be matched it’s protected by a $130M insurance policy.
Constant works by enabling borrowers to stake liquid capital via over-collateralized crypto assets (e.g., Ether) based on an LTV ratio. Subsequently, borrowers can “cherrypick” the best deals enumerated on Constant’s interface, selecting the best interest rates that are posted independently by each lending peer.


Our affiliates lead passionate communities in finance and investing. We’re proud to add our voice to their platforms and help their audiences do more with their money.
Our affiliates - Coinlive

Although the platform doesn’t advertise a specific loan limit, unlike other crypto websites like Nexo, however, some customers have claimed to borrow nearly $1 million on it. A low LTV ratio ― 66 percent ― ensures lenders get enough collateral back if borrowers default.

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Our affiliates - Coinlive

MyConstant offers a variety of different investment products with interest rates up to 18% APY. This option allows investors to generate returns that potentially exceed the most competitive interest rates offered by financial institutions around the country.

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Our affiliates - CoinInterestRate

Established in 2019, MyConstant is an investment platform offering a range of investment products that suit every financial goal and risk appetite with the best interest rates.

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We believe in the future of blockchain and are proud members of the crypto community. As our voice has grown, the crypto press has helped tell our story to the world.

And when it comes to pioneering a new generation of fintech platforms, Constant provides a measuring stick for the industry’s progress.
Constant has created a platform that cuts banks out of the lending equation and allows anyone in the world to create loans on whatever terms they like. This is a big shift away from the established lending system, and it could be a big benefit for both borrowers and lenders.
Constant, a leading secured P2P lending platform, has been expanding its service and product offerings in recent months as it continues to originate more loans on its Ethereum-based lending service.
It's a great service, with free deposits and withdrawals, extremely fast responding customer support and a transparent team.
Chắc hẳn sẽ có những lúc chúng ta rơi vào hoàn cảnh khi đang HODL một đồng coin nào đó, nhưng lại thấy 1 cơ hội khác trong khi quỹ vốn thì đã hết. Constant sẽ giúp anh em huy động được một lượng cash (tiền mặt) nhất định để vào được kèo mới nhưng không phải cash out (bán) đồng coin đang HODL.

Custody & Settlement

Prime Trust is the independent, accredited custodian of our USD reserve. When you deposit, Prime Trust stores your money across multiple bank accounts insured to a total of $130,000,000.

Checkbook helps settle withdrawals via ACH and digital cheque, making transfers cheaper for US residents.

QCP Capital helps manage collateral and offers occasional trading services.


We’ve signed partnerships with blockchain’s biggest movers and shakers. Together, we work hard to help you do more with your assets.

CZ Binance

Some much appreciated "competition" to @binance lending. Let's grow together!