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Fully secured, fully backed. All loans and investments are protected by a combination of FDIC insurance, Ethereum smart contracts, and crypto collateral.

How it works.

The Constant algorithm matches investors with borrowers glad to pay their rates. It then secures investor funds and borrower collateral in an unstoppable smart contract, and facilitates the entire transaction from beginning to end.

Why it’s better.

Unlike traditional P2P platforms that prey on vulnerable borrowers and expect investors to shoulder the risk, Constant is designed to protect them both.

Secured returns for investors

If borrowers default, collateral is sold to refund the investor. If collateral falls in value, it is sold at a threshold. It’s all automated by an unstoppable smart contract - investors will always get their principal and profit.

Collateral protection for borrowers

Borrower collateral is stored safely in a smart contract escrow, powered by the Ethereum network. This runs exactly as programmed, independent from human intervention - no one can touch these assets. As long as borrowers repay, they will always get their collateral back.

Top questions from users

What is peer-to-peer (P2P) lending?
Unlike bank loans, P2P lending works by matching investors and borrowers directly. Since there are no greedy middlemen getting in the way, you set your own terms and rates, giving you unparalleled control of your finances. So whether you’re looking for a low-interest loan or better returns on your investment, we’ll match you with someone who’d love to do business with you.
What makes Constant different from other P2P lending platforms?

Constant is the first fully secured P2P lending platform. All investor funds are fully backed by collateral, and all portions that are not yet on loan are covered by FDIC insurance. Borrower collateral is stored safely in escrow, which means no one can touch it until it is transferred back to them after repayment.

Unlike other platforms, Constant also allows users to set their own interest rates and terms. Ethereum powered smart contracts automate the loan agreement and always run exactly as programmed – ensuring both investors and borrowers are protected.

Who can participate?
Anyone can participate, as long as you have an internet connection (to use our website) and access to a bank account (to receive a loan or repayment).
How does Constant protect customers’ funds?

All of our loans and investments are protected by a combination of FDIC insurance, Ethereum smart contracts, and crypto collateral. When not on loan, we store your funds across multiple FDIC-insured bank accounts with an aggregate indemnity limit of $130,000,000.

When your money is on loan, it’s protected by an unstoppable Ethereum smart contract – a programmable ruleset that strictly defines how your money is used. All our borrowers put up 150% of the loan amount in collateral, so investors see a return whether borrowers repay or not.

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