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Constant Coin1:1 USD-pegged stablecoin
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Financial tools for a connected world.

Explore better, borderless ways to manage your money.

It's free.

Send money globally.

Send money home, no matter where home is.

Send a stipend, an allowance, a birthday gift. All you need is an internet connection to send money across the world in minutes.

Do business with the world.

Pay your suppliers, receive money from clients, save on fees. Send and receive transfers to Constant accounts - for free. Sending straight to a local bank account costs just 0.25% (never more than $35).


Transfer salaries to your distributed team with a single click. Funds reach instantly, no matter the time zone, or the amount. Streamline your operations.

Grow your money

Your own APR.

Earn 10% APR or more - it's your choice. Don’t sit on your money, put it to work.

FDIC and smart contract protected.

When your money is on loan, it is protected by unstoppable Ethereum smart contracts. When it isn't, it is kept safe in multiple FDIC-insured bank accounts, with total coverage of $130M.

Secure your returns with secured loans.

Your money earns interest by funding secured, over-collateralized loans. This means your returns are always guaranteed.

Borrow money at the kindest rates on the market.

4.5% APR.

Put down crypto as collateral and secure USD. Borrow as much as you want, take as long as you need, then get your assets back when you repay.

Instant approval.

No lengthy processing times. The money you need is in your account within minutes.


Constant is for everyone. No credit scoring, background checks or month-long waiting games for approval.