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United States

101 E Redlands Blvd, Suite 272
Redlands CA 92373
+1 844 201 7242

Hong Kong

Flat A, 18/F, 88 Commercial Building
28-34 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan
+852 8191 5657


139 Hong Ha Street
Ho Chi Minh City
+84 36 656 2949


Villa Malitah, Mediterranean Street
The Village, St Julian’s STJ 1870
+356 3550 5252

Think P2P.

We’re a global-thinking, ambitious generation trapped in centralized systems designed to profit a select few. Hard-earned money lies stagnant, steadily losing value as inflation rises. Loans are hard to access, and even more difficult to repay. It is easier to fly to some places than it is to send money there.
Today’s world is more connected than ever, but financial systems are still landlocked and insular, characterized by exclusivity, operating behind closed doors. The rapid growth of the P2P movement indicates a broken status quo, and reveals a world in common pursuit of financial autonomy. Everything we do at Constant is designed to make that goal more achievable.
It’s time to choose people, not institutions. This is a platform that connects all those in pursuit of a richer, more open world. Welcome to Constant.

Meet our team

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Duy Huynh


Duy spends most of his days studying the great economic thinkers of the last 100 years and turning their ideas into unstoppable lines of code. Prior to Constant, Duy was a software architect at IBM. He then founded Autonomous, putting AI and Robotics into 350,000 modern workspaces all over the world in less than 2 years.

At age 19, Duy was a PhD computer science researcher in the High Dependability Computing Program at the University of Maryland, funded by NASA, the Semantic Web and Fujitsu. As a competitive programmer, he was an ACM ICPC World Finalist, USA Computing Olympiad winner, and Vietnam Computing Olympiad winner.

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Thuc Nguyen


Thuc is a leading expert in the field of applied cryptography, and works on privacy, post-quantum cryptography, randomness, and all things cryptography at Constant. His current focus is on preserving the anonymity and confidentiality of Constant transactions through zero-knowledge proofs.

Thuc is a professor of applied cryptography at the National University of Vietnam, where he co-founded the Department of Applied Cryptography and Computer Security. He co-leads the Decentralized Cryptography Research Group, designing innovative cryptographic tools and developing privacy-preserving cryptosystems that simultaneously achieve post-quantum security and practicality. He also leads key projects on security and cryptography for the Vietnamese government.

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Ha Tran

Financial Advisor. VP, Goldman Sachs

Ha Tran, CFA, has been in the forefront of Technology and Finance over the last 15 years, holding positions in electronic trading and risk management at Goldman Sachs. He led several innovative efforts to overhaul old ways of doing finance, including Automation, Simulation and Machine Learning. Mr. Tran is currently working on a project to bring structured and complex financial products a step closer to the general public.

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Bill Pelletier


Bill leads outreach aimed at integrating Constant as a payment method for major e-commerce retailers. Prior to Constant, Bill worked closely with some of the world’s biggest e-commerce retailers, including Amazon, Overstock, Target, Wayfair and Home Depot. Before that, he developed the investment portfolio of major banks as a private banker, and has also advised multiple high profile clients on mergers & acquisition, trust & estates, and provided litigation support.

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Ning Tan


Ning facilitates the conversation between product, user and community. Prior to Constant, Ning was the Director of Communications at Autonomous, where she loved helping people in over 60 countries find ways to work smarter.

Ning specializes in easing the adoption of disruptive tech. She has created voices for friendly IoT products, eager robots, decentralized applications, and a very clever brain from the US military. As a postgraduate at the University of Oxford, she examined how humans navigate traumatic periods in history and respond through storytelling, philosophy and innovation.

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Tien Nguyen

Technical Advisor. Engineering manager, Essential

Tien has built some of this decade’s most important products. He built mobile payments for emerging markets at Google and payment hardware and software solutions for SMB businesses at Square. Tien also built the Android app at Uber. He is currently leading app development at Essential.

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Gaël Vo

Product Operations

Gaël manages financial products at Constant, including remittance, loans, payroll and invoicing. Previously at BNP Paribas, he created a new framework to replace and centralize complex applications, enabling users and other developers to control the system independently.

Gaël holds a dual master’s degree in computer science and telecommunications from Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon, and an MBA in finance from Simon Business School in New York. As an MBA intern at Five Star Bank, Gaël developed an automation layer within loan management that cut processing time by 83%.

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Zon Chu


Zon leads application development. Prior to Constant, he spent 11 years as a full stack developer, project manager, and technical director for various e-commerce and social network companies in Vietnam and the USA. His e-commerce app for Nguyen Kim, one of the top regional retailers in the Asia-Pacific region, hit 4 million users in 2 years.

Zon has experience building for large, complex systems. He was a technical director at Viettel Group, where he designed software to manage its 50,000 employees and provide telecommunications services to 63 million subscribers across Asia, Africa and the Americas.

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Trong Dinh

Smart Contract

Trong leads smart contract development at Constant, the heart of the stability mechanism. He automates the dialogue between Constant and its partner custodian, which distributes and protects user funds across multiple FDIC-insured banks, protecting users from fraud, downtime and third-party interference. He spends his days implementing new layers of security and adapting the Constant application layer for use on other major blockchains.

Trong started to build for the blockchain after more than a decade of developing apps for web and mobile. His first dApp got people to put promises on the blockchain, by helping them think of smart contracts as simple everyday agreements. He was also the CTO of Ninja, one of the top prediction exchanges built on Ethereum.

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Bao Le

Constant Chain

Bao leads development on the Constant Chain. He predominantly works on the infrastructure layer of Constant, integrating both on-chain and off-chain components such as the consensus protocol, privacy-preserving zero-knowledge proofs, and monetary policy algorithms. Prior to Constant, Bao built highly scalable systems for emerging markets, including Viettel Group, Vietnam's largest mobile network operator, where he scaled their products for 63M subscribers, and Central Group, Thailand's number 1 retail and service group business.

Bao leverages his deep knowledge of peer-to-peer applications, cryptography, game theory, and network applications to build highly scalable systems that quantify performance, availability, and extensibility in each line of code.

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Justin Lucas


Justin leads Constant adoption. Throughout his time living and working in the UK, Hawaii, Japan and the USA, he has worn many hats - from sales to security, customer service to business development, and more. He has worked with early stage start ups as well as giants like Microsoft and, growing dynamic and engaged communities by simply taking a personal approach to resolving conflict, fixing inefficiencies and addressing user pain points with empathy.

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Dung Tran


Dung works on the consensus & scalability algorithms at Constant. His current focus is on increasing transaction throughput while preserving consensus properties. Dung has extensive research and practical experience in distributed systems, computer networks, and game theory, making him the perfect candidate for designing and implementing consensus and scalability mechanisms at Constant.

Dung also lectures at the National University of Vietnam. As well as teaching courses on distributed systems, Dung has published several papers on bandwidth measurement and estimation, and is the author of two textbooks, Operation Systems and Computer Networks. He holds a PhD in computer science from the University of Texas.

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