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Invest in global peer-to-peer (P2P) lending with USD or crypto.

P2P lending allows you to invest in people and businesses around the world for up to 8% APR. All lending is backed by cryptocurrency collateral. Earn across multiple markets, spreading risk and maximizing reward. No investing fees. Free USD withdrawals. 24-7 customer support.

Or borrow against 0+ cryptocurrencies from just 6% APR. Get the cash or crypto you need instantly without having to sell your portfolio. Your crypto is securely stored and returned to you when you repay.

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Cryptocurrency collateral (held by us or liquidity pool partners) helps protect your investment returns from borrower defaults.

Lend USD
Up to 8%
1 - 9 Months
Your term. Best rates.
Backed by crypto.
Lend Crypto
Up to 12.5%
Get 12.5% APY on USDC, USDT
and more.
From 6%
1 - 9 Months
Your terms. Best rates.
No credit checks.
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Why it’s better

Unlike traditional P2P platforms that prey on vulnerable borrowers and expect investors to shoulder the risk,
MyConstant is designed to protect them both.
Why invest in MyConstant - Reliable returns
Crypto collateral helps protect your investments from borrower defaults.
Why invest in MyConstant - Free withdrawals
Withdraw any amount in USD for free, straight to your bank account.
Why invest in MyConstant - Flexible terms
Enjoy instant access to your funds or the choice of three fixed terms.
Why invest in MyConstant - 24/7 customer support
No call centres, no automated messages, just real people ready to help you.
Why invest in MyConstant - No credit checks
As long as you have the collateral to back your loan, you’re always approved.
Why invest in MyConstant - No early repayment fees
Repay your loan early with no penalties. You only pay interest on the days that you borrow.

Our products and benefits

Below is a handy comparison chart
of our products and benefits.
Instant access
Fixed term
Crypto Lend
Lending Lottery
Crypto-backed loans
Suitable for
Novice investors, new customers, and those who need access to their money
Experienced investors who can commit to a fixed term for a better rate
Long-term cryptocurrency holders who want to earn a return on their idle assets
Anyone from novice to experienced investors who want a shot at winning cash prizes—up to 10 million USD
Crypto holders who want cash or new coins without selling their existing assets
Interest rate
4% APY
6 - 8% APR
4 - 12.5% APY
1% APR
From 6% APR
Interest paid
Every second
At the end of the term
Every second
At the end of the term
How does MyConstant P2P lending platform works

How MyConstant works

MyConstant connects investors with borrowers to do business together. Crypto collateral backs investors’ funds while our custodial partner safely manages the movement of funds and collateral.
Investors deposit any amount and choose to either Lend USD or Lend Crypto.
Borrowers can access a loan easily by putting up a minimum of 150% of the loan amount in cryptocurrency or a portfolio of cryptocurrencies to obtain the loan.

"Where these interests overlap, new DeFi products emerge, such as cryptobacked lending. You invest (U.S. dollars) or a stablecoin in a borrower who stakes cryptocurrency as collateral and in return receive interest," Roper says.

John Divine
Senior Investing Reporter

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