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After 0 days, we reclaim the bonus but you keep the interest.


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How We Protect You


Prime Trust is the accredited custodian of our USD reserve. When you deposit, your unloaned funds are stored across multiple bank accounts insured to a total of $130,000,000.


When you invest in P2P lending through MyConstant, your investment is up to 200% backed by collateral. If borrowers default or their collateral falls too much in value, we sell their collateral to repay you.


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Great UX and Returns

MyConstant has been a great user experience. They offer the highest returns and their platform is solid with a very easy to use user interface. I also really like the different fun promotions. Keep up the good work!

GjlcardsMar 3, 2021

Couldn't be happier

All loans are backed by collateral, so there's no need to worry about losing your money through defaulting loaners. Their customer support is second to none. Give it a shot with a small amount and see for yourself.

Tony PachecoMar 2, 2021

Excellent service

The service that ye provide is the best in the industry. I find MyConstant to be much better than others like Celsius where you could be waiting a week for a response. Looking forward to many years ahead of working together with ye in the crypto space

Liam FrewenMar 1, 2021

Frequently-asked questions (FAQs)

Here you'll find answers to the most common questions our customers ask. If you can't find your answer here, please email us at and we'll be happy to help you.

MyConstant is a multi-market P2P investment platform that pays up to 11% APR. With us, you can invest in people and businesses around the world, without fees or limits, with all lending backed by collateral or loan originator’s buy-back guarantee. We have a range of easy and accessible investment products for every risk appetite and goal, and provide you with the learning resources to achieve those goals, fast.

The $0 trial bonus is a way to experience investing on our platform without committing any of your own money. Instead, we credit your Instant-access investing account with a $0 bonus that you can watch grow at 4% APY, compounded and paid every second. Then, at the end of 0 days, we take back the $0 and you keep the interest, which you can then reinvest with some of your own money or withdraw to your bank account.

We understand that investing can be a little daunting at first – especially if you’ve never done it before. The bonus therefore gives you a taste for investing with us and will hopefully inspire you to continue investing with us for even bigger returns.