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Win up to $10,000 on our Prize Wheel. Every spin is a winner, guaranteed.

Invest, borrow, and more to earn Prize Wheel points you can exchange for spins. Win with every spin of the Prize Wheel, including prizes of up to $10,000 cash, extra points, and free MCT (to access exclusive membership rewards). Spin now to see how much you’ll win!

Login / Register now and complete simple tasks to earn spins and play the prize wheel.


Our Winners

Hear what two winners have to say about our Prize Wheel and how they scored a successful spin. Play today and you too can be a winner!

How To Earn Prize Wheel Points


For every dollar you invest or borrow, you earn 1 point for a 30-day term, 1.5 points for a 90-day term 2 points for a 180-day term and 3 points for a 270-day term.

A $1,000 investment for 270 days pays 3,000 points, for example.

Earn 5,000 points to exchange for one spin on the Prize Wheel, with a guaranteed win of up to $10,000 cash.
You also get points for earning badges and completing mini-quizzes on Live Chat.
*In the past, you got your points when the investment term ended. But now, you’ll receive points weekly throughout the investment duration.

How To Earn Spins On The Prize Wheel

Step 1
Earn Prize Wheel points to unlock spins.
Step 2
Click Spin to spin the Prize Wheel.
Step 3
When the wheel stops, you’ll see your prize.
Step 4
Your prize is deposited instantly to your MyConstant account.

Term and Conditions

1. The Prize Wheel promotion begins on .

2. You need to pass KYC before you can spin the Prize Wheel.

3. When you lend USD, you’ll receive points weekly throughout the investment duration. This restriction doesn’t apply to other earned points.

4. When you sell your investment on the Secondary Market, any Prize Wheel points you earned for that investment will disappear.

5. No Prize Wheel points are awarded for Secondary Market orders.

6. Your spin for referring a friend will be granted when they pass KYC and earn their first Prize Wheel spin.

7. Refer as many friends as you can to earn spins—there’s no limit.

8. Your prize wheel point rewards are paid directly into your point balance.

9. Your MCT rewards will be credited to your MCT Airdrop History.

10. Your cash rewards are paid directly into your balance.

11. When you lend USDT or USDC, your transaction must clear to unlock spins.

12. From May 05th 2022, all old membership points will be converted into Prize Wheel points.

13. Prize Wheel points expire after 365 days.

14. MyConstant reserves the right to change the terms of the Prize Wheel at any time due to changing market conditions, risk of fraud, or any other factors we deem relevant.

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