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Now for a whole month, win $10 cash prizes, membership points, and more in our prize giveaway

We saw how much you all liked spinning the wheel this January (especially our lucky $1,000 winner) so we brought it back for an entire month. We’re giving away more cash prizes, membership points, and other bonuses when you spin our Prize Wheel. Each spin guarantees a prize, including extra spins. Want more spins? Refer, share, or review us on the app store – you can even “buy” spins with your membership points. Download our app to join now!

Cash rewards of $1 or $10 paid instantly to your MyConstant account.
Double membership points and other rewards of 100-5,000 membership points.
Other prizes: Dog food on Feed & Give or extra spins.

How to get spins
You can earn spins in the following ways:
Deposit USD

When you deposit USD, you’ll receive the same amount divided by 1,000 in spins (rounded up to the nearest whole number) with the minimum amount from $1,000. For example, deposit $5,001 and you’ll receive 6 spins.

Refer friends

For every friend you refer who passes KYC, you get 1 spin.

Review us on the app store

Post a review for our app on the Apple or Google Play store for 3 spins (one time only).

Share about our event on social media

Click the social share buttons on our app to share our event on social media and you’ll get 1 spin. (Limited to one share per day).

Trade membership points

You can trade 1,000 membership points for 1 spin. The more membership points you spend, the more spins you get, the more prizes you earn.

How to exchange spins for prizes

Visit the app

Once you’ve earned spins, visit the Prize Wheel on the MyConstant app.

Spin the Prize Wheel

Click Tap to Spin. When the Wheel stops, you’ll see your prize.

Get your prize

The prize is delivered instantly to your MyConstant account.

Terms and Conditions
  1. To earn spins and qualify for prizes, you must hold a verified MyConstant account and have passed KYC (Know Your Customer).
  2. The prize draw lasts from January 18th 09:00 PST to February 17th 23:59 PST.
  3. Your spin for referring a friend will be granted when they pass KYC.
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Asked Questions

Here you'll find answers to the most common questions our customers ask. If you can't find your answer here, please email us at and we'll be happy to help you.