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Universe or Metaverse,
We’ve Got You Covered

Your bridge between the metaverse and traditional banking. Invest, borrow, and trade fiat (USD), cryptos, or NFTs.
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Supported Cryptocurrency
Enjoy the best of crypto
with the convenience of fiat.
Trade or borrow 70+ cryptos
in minutes. Lend USD in seconds.
Trade as fast as the next
confirmed block.
Unlock exclusive discounts and
rewards with MCT and never need
a real bank again.
Your assets, your choice.
Invest or borrow fiat, crypto,
and NFTs in a single click.

Entering the next crypto age together


The MyConstant Ecosystem

MyConstant is a peer-to-peer financial ecosystem that bridges traditional finance and the metaverse economy.
Fiat Products
Fiat Products
Invest for returns of up to 7% APR. Free USD withdrawals (US only). Spend via gift cards or virtual and physical debit cards.
Defi Products
Defi Products
Borrow crypto, USD, or NFTs against your digital asset portfolio. Predict and short markets. Rates from 6% APR.
Metaverse Asset Management
Metaverse Asset Management
Trade, stake, and borrow crypto or NFTs at the best rates on the market. Fast, secure, and decentralized (peer-to-peer).
MCT Staking and Voting
MCT Staking and Voting
Stake MCT to earn interest and voting rights. Get your say in the future of MyConstant and ensure we build the services you need.
MyConstant Token
Blockchain Networks
BSC, ETH, Polygon
Token Supply
Initial Token Circulation
Earn MCT as reward by staking and being a part of the ecosystem.
Manage Digital Assets
Store your favourite digital assets safe and secure with our smart-contract technology. With MCT, you can spend less while getting more out of your NFTs.
Use MCT to participate in our investment products and earn an extra 20%.
Lending and Borrowing
Earn reward when lending your MCT and pay 20% less interest when borrowing.
NFTy Guild
Use MCT to pay and get a 50% fee discount.
MCT Tokenomics
The MyConstant token (MCT) unlocks exclusive rewards when investing, staking, and trading crypto and NFTs on the MyConstant platform.
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"Where these interests overlap, new DeFi products emerge, such as cryptobacked lending. You invest (U.S. dollars) or a stablecoin in a borrower who stakes cryptocurrency as collateral and in return receive interest," Roper says.

John Divine
Senior Investing Reporter

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