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Peer-to-peer lending for the Pros.

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Keep your finger on the pulse of the market, using an intuitive interface with real-time orderbooks, charting tools and detailed trade history. Trade on interest rates and optimize your returns on a fully-secured platform, uniquely backed by a combination of FDIC insurance, smart contracts, and over-collateralization.

Get the interest rate you want. No banks, no institutions. Think P2P.

Set your own rates

Our peer-to-peer matching algorithm replaces the centralized inefficiency of the current banking system, allowing you to tap into true market demand.

$130M insurance

Funds that have not yet been loaned out are kept safe at multiple FDIC-insured bank accounts with an aggregated insurance of $130M. You can withdraw anytime.

Protected by Ethereum

When your money is on loan, it is protected by a smart contract that is over collateralized by crypto assets. The smart contract will always run exactly as programmed.


For borrowers, Constant does not touch your collateral. It is securely stored in an Ethereum smart contract escrow.

Top questions from users

What is the difference between Constant and Constant Pro?
Constant Pro is designed for those who want a little more control over how they manage their money. Constant Pro gives users a full view of what’s going on behind the scenes – so they can examine real-time rates, choose which orders to match with, and secure the best outcomes.
What does it mean to be fully secured?

All investor funds are fully backed by collateral, and all portions that are not yet on loan are covered by FDIC insurance. Borrower collateral is stored safely in escrow, which means no one can touch it until it is transferred back to them after repayment.

Unlike other platforms, Constant also allows users to set their own interest rates and terms. Ethereum powered smart contracts automate the loan agreement and always run exactly as programmed – ensuring both investors and borrowers are protected.

Is there a maximum or minimum amount for investing and borrowing?
There are no limits with Constant. You can invest or borrow as much or little as you like.
Who can participate?
Anyone can participate, as long as you have an internet connection (to use our website) and access to a bank account (to make investments and withdraw profit, and to receive or repay a loan).
Which currencies do you support?

Investment funds are held in USD – other fiat currencies will be converted.

For borrower collateral, we accept BTC and ETH.

Loans are offered in USD, VND and Constant – the platform’s native stablecoin, pegged 1:1 with the USD.

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