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Earn interest on your cryptos with our P2P crypto-lending platform

Lend your cryptocurrencies to earn up to 7% APR. Unlock the best rate when you receive interest in PRV. Otherwise, earn 4% APY in , compounded and paid every second. Withdraw interest and principal anytime. All lending backed by MyConstant Guarantee1.

1The MyConstant Guarantee defines a limit of investment within which MyConstant can protect invested funds from loss or theft while in the custody of third parties.

Earn up to 7% APR
Invest in over 10 cryptocurrencies
No fees, penalties, or lock-ups
Which cryptocurrency would you like to invest?
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Why lend crypto on MyConstant?

Immediate growth
Immediate growth

Watch your crypto grow, second by second, from the moment you invest.

Earn on idle assets
Earn on idle assets

Keep earning between trades with a generous 4% APY on your idle cryptos.

No investing fees
No investing fees

We don't charge you a penny to invest or deposit (though you might pay network fees to send your crypto).

Withdraw anytime
Withdraw anytime

Withdraw your cryptocurrency instantly whenever you need it. No limits.

How crypto lending works

Deposit your crypto
Deposit your crypto

Send your crypto to our lending pool and we’ll redistribute it among our trusted exchange partners, including the Incognito pDEX.

Earn 7% APY
Earn 4% APY

Your crypto provides liquidity to exchange and swapping partners and you earn a cut of their trading fees – a generous 4% APY backed by the MyConstant Guarantee.

Watch your crypto grow
Watch your crypto grow

Interest is compounded and paid every second, giving you immediate returns. When you’re ready, withdraw again to a wallet of your choice.

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MyConstant partner gemini
MyConstant partner trust token
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MyConstant partner circle
MyConstant partner stably

"Where these interests overlap, new DeFi products emerge, such as cryptobacked lending. You invest (U.S. dollars) or a stablecoin in a borrower who stakes cryptocurrency as collateral and in return receive interest," Roper says.

John Divine
Senior Investing Reporter

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