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Set your own rates.

Protected by smart contracts.

Get cash for crypto without needing to sell.

Get the funds you need at rates you are willing to pay. All your collateral is kept safe in a smart contract escrow, and will be automatically returned to you when the loan is repaid.

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Set your own rates

Our P2P matching algorithm replaces centralized banks and allows you to tap into true market demand.

Protected by Ethereum

Your loan agreement is protected by a smart contract that will always run exactly as programmed.


Constant does not touch your collateral. It is securely stored in an Ethereum smart contract escrow.

No credit scoring

No credit scoring or background checks. Get funds instantly, no month-long waiting games for approval.

How to borrow

1. Set your own terms

Choose how much you want to borrow and for how long, then enter the interest rate you want to pay.

2. Wait to be matched

The Constant matching algorithm finds investors that can lend you the money you need at the rates you want.

3. Get cash to spend

Once you’ve found a match, you’ll receive the loan in your account. Collateral is stored safely in a smart contract escrow and will be automatically returned when you repay.

Top questions from users

How long will it take to find a match?
This depends on the rates and terms you set. Market levels normally result in immediate (or near-immediate) matches, so we update the market rates on the website regularly. If you choose a lower interest rate, it might take a little longer to find you a suitable match. After you've found a match, the loan will be available in your account within 24 hours (slightly longer for larger amounts).
Do you check my credit score?
As Constant only offers secured loans backed by collateral, there is no need for credit scoring. All you need is adequate collateral to secure your loan. To see how much collateral you’ll need to secure your loan, simply enter the amount you’d like to borrow. The calculator will work out the amount for you.
How do you protect my collateral?
Your collateral is held safely in an Ethereum powered smart contract escrow. This means no one can touch it – not even us. When you repay, your collateral is immediately transferred back to you. You also have the option to pay a 1% fee for BitGo custodian protection up to 100M USD.
What happens if I don’t repay the loan?
If you don’t repay the loan, we sell your collateral at 110% of the loan value + interest due, to pay back investors. The difference is refunded to you, and you get to keep the loan. That’s all there is to it.
What happens if my crypto collateral falls in value?
We will notify you 3 times at 5% intervals before your collateral falls to 110% of the loan value + interest to date. At that point, it’ll be sold to repay the investor, and the difference will be refunded to you. Borrowers will receive notifications at 125%, 120% and 115%, so they can choose to repay early to avoid liquidation, or top up more collateral. In the event of a flash crash, collateral will be automatically liquidated at 110%.
Can I repay early?

If you'd like to pay back your loan before 75% of the term is up, that's absolutely fine. You simply have to pay interest for the days you are in possession of the loan, and just 50% of the original interest rate for the remaining days of the term.

If you'd like to pay back your loan after 75% of the term is up and claim back your collateral, that's also fine, but the interest due on that loan is the full percentage for the entire term.

Can i recall excess if my collateral value increases?
Yes. If the value of your collateral rises during your loan term, you can withdraw the difference. You’ll be able to do this on the site in the next release scheduled for the 25th of June, but in the meantime, our support team is available via telegram, email, and fb chat to assist you manually.
What is the LTV (Loan to Value) Ratio? Is it always the same?

The LTV ratio for 1 year loans or shorter is 66%. That means we require 150% of the loan value in collateral. For each month after the first year, we require an extra 5% of the loan value in collateral.

For example, if you were to request a loan for 15 months, the collateral due would be 150% + (3*5)% = 165% of the loan value in collateral, which brings your LTV ratio to 60.6%.

How do I make repayment?

We’ll deduct your repayment directly from your Constant account balance. Adding funds is easy. You can do one or a combination of the following:

1) Transfer USD to one of our FDIC-insured bank accounts

2) Send CONST to your Constant Wallet

Or send any one of our supported stablecoins:


Your balance will update when funds have been received in your Constant account.

What happens if I repay late?
The grace period for receiving payment is 3 days after your term ends. On the 2nd and 3rd day, you will incur a late fee of 10% of the total interest due.

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