Blog News Attention Trophy Hunters! Win MyConstant Badges and Cash Rewards when You Use or Promote Our Platform

Attention Trophy Hunters! Win MyConstant Badges and Cash Rewards when You Use or Promote Our Platform

date July 16, 2020 time 2 min read 2187 views

MyConstant badges are here!

From today, you’ll earn badges whenever you participate in and promote our platform. 

There are 21 badges up for grabs, 11 of which come with a cash reward of up to $100. 

Win them all to earn a grand total of $623 in cash bonuses!

What are MyConstant Badges?

MyConstant Badges reward you for using MyConstant or telling people about us. It’s our way of saying thank you for being a customer while also recognizing your hard work referring friends, family, and communities to the platform. 

Each badge endorses a specific action or achievement. In most cases, you also earn a reward from $1 to $100. The harder it is to achieve that badge, the greater the reward. (For the completionists out there, there’s also a reward for earning all badges!). 

For example, if you pass KYC you get $1. But if you write and share an article or review about us on your website, you can earn up to $100 (depending on how often you write about us). Similarly, if you invest for the first time you get $1. But if you refer 10 friends who invest, you get $20. 

How to earn MyConstant Badges

It’s super easy to earn badges, and most of the time, they’re automatic. 

For example, you earn badges when you verify your ID, make your first deposit, and invest or borrow for the first time – all of which come with a cash reward paid immediately after we grant your badge. 

For other badges, you must first apply for approval. If you’ve left us a Trustpilot review, for example, or written an article about us on your content channel, send us proof (a link to your review, for example) and we’ll approve your badge within two business days. 

Please note you can’t earn the same badge (or reward) twice. 

Where to find MyConstant Badges

Visit the MyConstant Badges page to view the entire badges list (more to be added soon!) and how to earn each one. When you’re logged in, you’ll be able to see your current badges as well as your progress towards others. Earned badges are ticked. You’ll also be able to submit evidence for badge requests here, too. 

Questions or feedback?

You’ll find FAQs and other useful information on the MyConstant Badges page. If you’d like to provide feedback on badges, or even suggest one of your own, we’d love to hear from you. Please email [email protected] with your comments and suggestions – you never know, you might create your own badge!

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