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5 Best Financial Advisors in Boston: Make the Right Choice for You

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A financial advisor is someone who advises you on how to manage your portfolio in order to attain your long-term financial goals. The list of best financial advisors in Boston can help you find a trustworthy instructor to begin your best money moves.

Many people struggle to find a financial advisor in Boston who is perfect for them. It’s considerably more difficult to trust and follow money strategies. So, how do you choose the right investment advisor in Boston? How to determine the impact of service costs on your account. This article will give you useful information to help you figure out the answer on your own.

Financial advisors in Boston will help you quickly achieve your financial goals.
Top financial advisors in Boston will help you quickly achieve your financial goals. (Source: Pixabay)

Many people seek the guidance of a financial planner to help them negotiate major life transitions such as marriage, divorce, starting a business, or changing careers. Have you ever heard about how your enneagram core motivations and personality type affect how you treat money, you can explore to see how it link to financial decisions sparked some epiphanies about your habits and patterns.

Every stage of life necessitates a unique approach to saving and planning. If a person begins investing at the age of 21, the required rate of return is significantly different than at the age of 60. Financial advisors in Boston take into account various factors such as an individual’s approach, portfolio positivity, and average income.

Those who want to invest and plan for a financial goal have a variety of options. You can get the benefits of hiring a financial advisor because they can assist you to minimize continuous losses on your investments. The choice of financial advisors in Boston and the quality of their services will have a significant impact on whether or not you attain your ultimate goal.

Keep in mind that in the financial planning business, the philosophy of the advisor and how they handle your portfolio are far more significant than their reputation.

Top 5 financial advisors in Boston

1. Leigh Bivings, Artemis Financial Advisors

  • Services offered: Financial planning, asset management, financial advisory, budget management, personal finance education…
  • Asset requirements: Under $1 million.
  • Typical fees: 1% for up to $2.5 million; hourly rate is $300; financial plans average $4,000 to $8,000 with minimum annual retainer of $10,000.

Leigh Bivings, a Certified Financial Planner (CFA) and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), started Artemis after a long career in private equity and investments. She helps you to develop your financial vision while guiding you to make informed decisions to achieve your financial freedom. She is one of the top financial advisors in Boston who has a Ph.D. in applied economics from Stanford University.

Artemis provides services to clients at all stages of their lives. Artemis specializes in working with young professionals who are planning to buy a home, establish a family, start saving plans, or start a new job.

They believe the best investment strategy for all clients is an outgrowth of The Personal Finance Course. This is a fantastic place to start for individuals who want to learn more about financial planning. The two-hour training ($1,200) is designed for young professionals and includes one-on-one or small group sessions that can be held in person or on the Internet. Budgeting and saving, investing ideas, managing credit and loans, taxes and workplace perks, insurance, and estate planning are topics in the course.

Finance courses are an excellent way for young people to begin budgeting.
Finance courses are an excellent way for young people to begin budgeting. (Source: Pixabay) 

2. Eric Roberge, Beyond Your Hammock

  • Service focus: financial planning, asset management, retirement, budget management…
  • Asset requirements: No investment minimums.
  • Typical fees: 1% for up to $1 million; hourly rate of $200 to $300.

Beyond Your Hammock was developed by Eric Roberge to assist others in achieving financial independence. Specifically, fee-only financial planning and investment management services for adults in their 30s and 40s. He doesn’t want his clients to have to make financial decisions, so he works with you in person or virtually to reduce expenses, lower taxes, diversify portfolios, and maintain discipline. Roberge is a CFP with a Babson College degree.

Financial planning is a lifelong process that assists you in making well-informed, thoughtful decisions. When you work with Beyond Your Hammock’s investment advisors in Boston, you shift from being reactive with your finances and waiting for anything to happen to being proactive and figuring out how to cope with it.

A QuickStart Financial Plan will allow you to ask all of your financial questions within two hours. They will arrange your information and create preliminary forecasts to assist you in determining your future moves.

3. Kenneth Koch, Commonwealth Financial Group

  • Service focus: financial planning, financial advisory, education funding strategies, risk management analysis,  trust services and asset management…
  • Asset requirements: $1,000.
  • Typical fees: Up to $500 an hour; fixed and compensation fees.

Koch, a Bridgewater State University graduate, strives to provide an excellent client experience to all of his clients, regardless of how much money they have in the bank.

Kenneth Koch’s mission is to assist clients in creating a customized vision of their future. This financial advisor in Boston is dedicated to assisting you in achieving and maintaining financial independence. 

Financial advisors in Boston are your companions on the road to money success.
Financial advisors in Boston are your companions on the road to money success. (Source: Pixabay)

The Commonwealth Financial Group offers a strategic and tailored plan to help you establish a road map for this process, with the end objective of allowing you to enjoy the things that matter most in life. Teamwork, trust, cooperation, and collaboration characterize their culture. So you can trust these investment advisors in Boston to help you build your money.

4. Daniel Flannery, Balanced Rock Investment Advisors

  • Service focus: values-based investing, retirement planning, employer retirement plans, tax planning, education and financial aid planning, estate planning and trusts, insurance…
  • Asset requirements: $300,000.
  • Typical fees: 0.75% with $2,250 minimum annual fee; hourly is $200.

Daniel Flannery earned his CFA designation from the CFA Institute after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh. He worked over eight years with Cargill Investment Group Ltd. in Boston, an asset manager of private tax credit real estate equity funds for institutional investors, before founding Balanced Rock Investment Advisors in 2011. The company’s goal is to create opportunities for young investors by offering financial advisory service packages at fair prices as well as low-cost investments.

Financial advisors in Boston are actually working for you rather than for a commission. You do not need to come to the office for advice; you can get it via video, phone, or email.

While other wealth management firms expect you to have at least $1 million to invest in their programs, Balanced Rock requires only $300,000 to get started. Don’t worry if you don’t have it yet. The financial planning services provided will assist you in getting there.

5. Sandra Gilpatrick, wealth management consultant

  • Service focus: cash management, investing, risk management, estates and trusts, retirement planning…
  • Asset requirements: Less than $1 million.
  • Typical fees: hourly is $275 to $350.

Gilpatrick has over 20 years of experience, is a CFP and CDFA, and has a degree in economics from Wheaton College. Before setting off on her own, she gained experience at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management.

Help Generation X and Millennial-aged women in making sound financial decisions. (Source: Pixabay)

She sets out to financially empower and improve the lives of women in order to assist Generation X and Millennial-aged women. She specializes in financial planning for women’s specific financial needs.

What does it cost to hire a financial advisor in Boston?

Hiring a financial advisor yields better results but comes at a larger price. The fee is usually determined by the breadth of services provided by your chosen financial planner, as well as their experiences. Investment advisors in Boston will charge you a fee based on your assets or how long you employ their services. The following are some of the most prevalent options and payment structures:

  • Hourly: Financial planning and tax services frequently have hourly set fees that range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.
  • Retainer: A scheduled (usually monthly or annual) fee makes the Financial Advisor available, on-call for the advisory services the retainer covers.
  • Flat fees: A predetermined fee for financial planning and asset management services. The fees have nothing to do with the size of the investor’s account.
  • Asset management: An investor is charged a fee based on the amount of money invested, and fees are typically deducted directly from the investor’s account.
  • Commission: The financial advisor is paid a percentage of the money spent on high-performing investments, which is typically charged per transaction.

Even if you only have a fixed salary, a financial advisor in Boston can be a wise investment in your future. They can help you chart a course and begin seeing more money in your account so you can eventually buy a home, start a family, and accumulate wealth for the lifestyle and future you desire.

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