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Top 7 NFT Collections to Follow This Quarter

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NFTs are the strange new phenomenon in the cryptocurrency world right now and they are becoming increasingly popular as time goes by. Despite the fact that some of them are selling for millions of dollars, many people don’t even know what NFTs are.

The acronym stands for non-fungible tokens, which probably doesn’t make it a whole lot clearer. In simple terms, an NFT is a digital asset which represents something in the real world—usually something artistic.

They’ve been around since 2014, but in the last few months they’ve become a popular way to buy and sell art. They are similar to cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin in some senses because they are made in a similar way, but the difference is in the name.

They’re non-fungible, meaning that they are unique. The thing to remember about cryptocurrencies is that if you trade a single unit of one you get the same value in return, but trading an NFT for another NFT would give you something completely different. 

It would be like trading a one-of-a-kind painting or a baseball card. If you think this sounds a little strange, you’re not the only one. All of the items available that are represented by NFTs are digital, and it doesn’t seem like there’s much point in spending money to own something that can be viewed online by the public anyway.

And yet, this has become a million dollar industry. The reality is that if you buy one, you are the sole owner and there is a built-in authentication. People have been purchasing art and then displaying it for the world to see for years, so a similar marketplace online is the next logical step.

Want to get involved? Here’s 7 NFT collections you should look out for in the next quarter:

1.    Supdrive

Supdrive is one of the more interesting NFT collections out there. This is actually a virtual video game console with each game available on it being its own NFT. You will have the opportunity to become the owner of one such game.

When this gets started in the final quarter of the year, it will run on a virtual firmware which will allow games to be written with concise instructions, and so the first available ones will be similar in style to old arcade games like Asteroids and Pac-Man. 

Over time, it’s expected that the firmware will be updated and he games will be more and more sophisticated. 

2.    Cool Cat Creatures

If there’s one thing that the internet has been obsessed with since its inception, it’s cats. And this has naturally continued into the age of NFTs, with each single art piece in this collection being an image of a cat with a randomly generated expression and attire.#

The collection is expanding, but right now it features almost 10,000 different cats, and purchasing one also grants you access to the exclusive Cool Cat community as well as Cool Cat events.

3.    VeeFriends

VeeFriends was envisioned by Gary Vaynerchuk, who is the founder of the Vayner Media storytelling company. This is a little different from some of the other NFTs on the market right now in that a massive conference is a big part of it.

VeeFriends is the world’s first NFT-ticketed conference. When you purchase a VeeFriends token, it serves as your ticket to VeeCon, which is an event filled with educational talks, workshops, expert panels and the opportunity to network.

An extremely useful NFT for anyone who wants to try their hand at a career in media. 

4.    Crypto Baristas

Another unique take on the phenomenon, Crypto Baristas, is the first ever NFT-funded cafe. Much like the Cool Cat collection mentioned above, the NFTs in this collection are all individual characters, each of them with their own unique, cafe-inspired look.

Cryptocurrency has been utilized in the world of coffee before, but never like this. The funds generated by people purchasing the NFTs all go towards eventually developing a physical cafe, in which those who purchased the characters will get special benefits. 

5.    Adam Bomb Squad

The Adam Bomb Squad collection was created by a streetwear brand known as The Hundreds. They have been around since the early 2000s, and the Adam Bomb has been their mascot/logo since the very beginning.

The NFTs are all representations of this character in various forms and situations which chart the history of the company dating back to its origins. Adam Bomb Squad NFT holders will be offered exclusive clothing as well as early access to drops.  

6.    Claylings

Claylings is the most prominent attempt to merge the world of NFTs with claymation. Despite being one of the most significant forms of early internet animation, claymation has become somewhat of a lost art. 

Claylings has developed thousands of individual characters which you can purchase, with the funds going towards several different projects, one of which is hopefully going to be a full claymation film.

If you purchase one of the NFTs, you might very well see a character that you own featured in said film. 

7.    Nouns

The interesting thing about Nouns is the treasury system they have in place which collects all of the money generated through the purchased NFTs. This treasury is operated by the Noun holders who will decide on what it is used for in the future.

So if you purchase one of the unique Noun characters, you will not only become the owner of the art piece, but you will also have a say in what happens with Nouns as time goes by. 

The world of NFTs is ever-changing and it’s an area of cryptocurrency which is still in its developmental phase. If you get involved right now, in one of these collections which is trending upwards, you could be joining something huge that will be profitable for years to come. 

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