Blog News The MyConstant December Newsletter and 2020 Year in Review

The MyConstant December Newsletter and 2020 Year in Review

date January 4, 2021 time 5 min read 695 views

Wouldn’t you know it, it’s January again already. We hope you all have had a great holiday season and are ready to face a brand new year. Hopefully one with less time indoors.

There’s a lot to say about our second year of operations. Just like your money, we’ve grown a lot as a platform and as a team.

We’re going to walk you through everything that happened in year two.

Your MyConstant community expanded. By a ton.

We’re going to brag for a moment: we had over 68,000 new customers join and use our platform this year and paid out over $530,000 in interest. 

And that’s good for you too. As we always say, on a platform like ours, larger numbers only mean more things you can do with your money.

(February) We gave you a chance to tell your friends about us and earn a little extra

Speaking of growth, you really helped us grow this year. We mean it.

In February, we launched our referral program to give you all a chance to get a little extra from telling your friends, family, and acquaintances about us.

You guys got on board. Through referrals alone, you brought on over 4,500 new customers this year.

If you’ve been meaning to tell your friends about us you might as well get a little extra while you’re at it. You gain an extra 10% interest from all referrals in their first year. To learn more, check out our Share & Earn page. We just added a new dashboard to help you better track your progress.

(April) We started working with the online financial community through our Affiliate program

Maybe it’s not only about the destination but also the friends we made along the way.

We created our affiliate program in April to help get our platform out there with content creators online. 

We’ve not only gained many customers from our affiliates but also developed relationships with a group of knowledgeable, like-minded individuals doing their best to help people do more with their money online today.

Our affiliates make some great content about finance and we think you might want to see it.

Have a look at our mini-blog highlighting the websites of some of our top affiliates this year. Their sites cover everything from beginning budgeting and investment, to advanced topics like passive income. Go check them out. You’re likely to learn something profitable.

(May) We helped you earn on your idle cryptocurrencies with Crypto Lend

Interest on your crypto: what’s not to like? 

While we work a lot with fiat, we still strongly believe crypto is the future of finance. And while we don’t flaunt it much, we’re still one of the best fiat-to-crypto on-ramps in the business. So we know that crypto interest-bearing tools are hot right now.

That’s why we launched Crypto Lend in May of this year.

If this is your first time hearing of it, we offer interest rates of 8% APY for big names like BTC, ETH, and BNB when you deposit them on our platform. And now you can also choose to get 11% APR on those coins if you choose to earn in privacy token, PRV.

If you want to know more about that, be sure to check out our Crypto Lend page FAQs.

(July) We made trying new things on our platform fun for you with badges

We have a lot of features on our platform, but we know people are creatures of habit. That’s why we created badges to encourage you to explore our platform.

And you all seemed to like that too. In just 6 months you all have collectively achieved a total of 205,960 badges and, hopefully, you got to try out one or two new ways to earn. Stay tuned for new badges!

(September) We made it easier for you to get onboard with Plaid ACH

Our old system of sending money used to be a bit complicated. We heard you loud and clear, and so in September, we partnered up with Plaid to give you more streamlined ACH transfers from your bank accounts to our platform.

(November) We gave you another way to learn about finance with our new podcast

Alternative Finance, quite frankly, is blowing up. Today there are hundreds of new avenues of investment open to average investors with great rates of return.

And not many people know about them. 

In November, Head of Communications, Chris, and myself took it upon ourselves to create our Alternative Investing with MyConstant podcast this year.

Tune in to hear us talk about issues affecting the modern investor and get advice straight from the mouths of a whole host of guests who’ve made alternative finance their career.

You can listen to our first three episodes right now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Spreaker.

(December) We helped you get in the giving spirit with Feed & Give

The holidays put everyone in a philanthropic mood and we wanted to help you give back this year. 

That’s why we created Feed & Give, a game that lets you raise a dog and earn money that you donate to charity.

To access Feed & Give check out your home screen on the MyConstant app. We’d love any feedback/charity suggestions you can give. Feel free to invite your friends too!

Check out our blog for more information.

(December) We helped you save a bit more of your money with Gift Cards

In December we launched gift cards letting you save up to 3% at over 40 of your favorite brands.

All MyConstant gift cards are digital, delivered instantly to your registered email address, and mobile via SMS with no processing fees. And they can be redeemed in-store or online. Check out our blog for more info there as well.

In Parting

Besides the immense tragedy of CoVid, the lockdown revealed a new wave of investors determined to take back some of the interest they’ve been losing to traditional institutions like banks. 

We hope our message at MyConstant that anyone can take control of their finances has resonated with you. And we’re humbled that each and every one of you has chosen us to help you on each step of your financial journey. 

We’ll be working hard to keep bringing you more things to do with your money in the next year.

Best regards,


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