Blog News The March 2021 Newsletter

The March 2021 Newsletter

date March 26, 2021 time 2 min read 2651 views

Hey April  everyone,

Let’s talk about what went on in March.

About the ACHs

We would like to again thank each and every one of you for your patience with our ACH delays this month.

We’ve grown very fast in the last couple of months and, occasionally, this has meant growing pains while we figure out logistics in a developing industry.

Our partnership with Prime Trust has played a crucial role in our growth and the security of your funds over the past two years. However, as we’ve grown, we have experienced increased delays and scaling difficulties due to a heavy number of ACH reversals. We’re working to fix these issues going forward and resume ACH deposits as soon as possible.

All pending ACH withdrawals were approved and processed by Prime Trust and have made it to everyone’s accounts without a hitch.

Now, on a more lighthearted note:

What’s the deal with NFTs? Find out this week on our podcast.

Are you curious about how people are making $100,000+ on jpegs? There’s a lot of talk about blockchain tech these days and NFTs are the next big thing in the spotlight. Tune in to our latest episode (and my final one) of Alternative Investing With MyConstant for a frank discussion on blockchain collectibles and how you can get involved.

We’ve got big things in the tank

You may have noticed this month’s newsletter has been a bit light.

That’s because we’ve been working hard this month on a couple of long-range projects launching soon. These include an interesting new way to earn on your crypto as well well as new ways to earn on your fiat.

In closing

For all of you crypto holders, this has been another bumpy month. Just when you think there’s going to be a leap in prices, things turn right around. 

To longtime holders, these rises and falls are nothing new. Crypto is a speculative industry and a growing futures trading industry around crypto has only made things more speculative. We at MyConstant strongly believe crypto is here to stay, but it’s a long way from being simple to navigate for new investors. 

If you’re new to crypto or fintech in general, we encourage any new trader to read up on it before getting involved. Feel free to check out our blog where we have dozens of articles about crypto trading, popular cryptos, fintech, and DeFi tech.

Stay tuned for more. And thanks for reading.



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