Blog News The January 2021 Newsletter

The January 2021 Newsletter

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Hello and happy February!

January was pretty wild for investment wasn’t it? 

While the stock market went all over the place over Gamestop (GME), Bitcoin has actually remained somewhat stable for once. 

Though if you had your money solely in alternative investments on MyConstant you probably didn’t feel much either – rates here stayed nice and steady.

The GME pump by the Reddit forum, r/Wallstreetbets may set the stage for a new era of stock market volatility. It also puts the ease-of-access provided by fintech platforms like Robinhood in the international spotlight. The fintech revolution is here this year and traditional players are feeling it like never before.

And on that note, we’re all geared up to bring you more great features this year. Let’s get into it.

Get lower fees and faster transaction times for stablecoins with TRC20 coins

We’re always trying to speed things up and make things cheaper for you at MyConstant. You now have the option to transfer USDT to and from your account as TRC20 coins on the Tron network for faster speeds and lower fees.

For more information on why this cuts costs and transfer times have a look at our blog.

Affiliates get new milestone rewards up to $1,000 for high-value referrals

Our affiliate network of financial content creators has been a great help spreading the message of MyConstant. We wanted to recognize that by adding milestone prizes for big referrals.

If you are an affiliate referring customers to MyConstant you now get:

  • $100 every time you refer 10 people in 30 days who also deposit
  • $1,000 when referees deposit $500,000 within their first 90 days

Do you make content online about finance, investing, or crypto and want to make more money? Sign up to become a MyConstant affiliate and get rewards like:

  • $20 per referred customer who invests
  • 20% of all earned instant-access(formerly Flex) interest from referees in their first year.

For another month, use your MyConstant balance to get up to 3% off with favorite brands like Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Columbia, and more.

A little savings goes a long way, especially when you’re investing. For another month, you can use your MyConstant balance to purchase gift cards from over 40 major brands directly on our platform and use them online or in stores.

Head over to our website for more details and a list of all the brands we’re working with.

Until Feb. 20 earn $10 cash prizes, bonus membership points, and more with our relaunched Prize Wheel

We saw how much you all enjoyed spinning the Prize Wheel for our birthday last month so we brought it back for another one!

With every spin you can win:

  • Cash prizes from $1-10
  • Food for your dog in Feed & Give
  • Bonus membership points

For more information on how to get started and earn spins head over to our website. Note: To access the wheel you’ll need to download our mobile app on the Apple or Google Play stores.

Keep learning about the evolving world of finance with our Alternative Investing podcast

There’s a ton of things happening in finance right now that you probably don’t know about. We made a podcast covering the cutting edge of what’s changing in the market and what technology you should be aware of. So far we’ve dropped about 5 episodes and interviewed two major influencers in the personal finance space.

We’re still bringing you podcasts twice a month. We’ve got a new one for you out about creating financial goals that make you happy! Go check it out on Spotify and Spreaker and let us know what you think.

We streamlined investing into one category

Finally, a little housekeeping. You may have noticed that Flex is missing from the Invest tab on our platform. Don’t worry, the feature is still there, but we wanted to make it more clear what it is.

Flex is simply the instant-access version of our normal model of lending. Instead of locking your funds directly into P2P loans you are pooling them into an investment pool and sending them out to borrowers that way. That’s we have now combined it with our “Lend USD” option.

When you deposit your money onto MyConstant it is still automatically placed into instant access (unless you toggle it off) and you still get that 4% APY rate with anytime free withdrawals.

In parting

We hope the new year has already been a chance for you to start pushing towards your financial goals. The new CoVid vaccine has us all feeling hopeful for some normalcy in the markets and our pocketbooks. 

Remember if you have any questions or concerns regarding our product feel free to send an email to [email protected] or call our customer service number listed at the bottom of our webpage.

Thanks all,


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