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Best Investment Opportunities for Non-accredited Investors in 2022

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From long-standing options like foreign stock ETFs to new kids on the block like crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending, there’s no end of platforms open to non-accredited investors. Here are a couple opportunities we think you should check out if you’re a non accredited investor.

Diversified investing as a non-accredited investor is less straightforward than for accredited investors
Diversified investing as a non-accredited investor is less straightforward than for accredited investors (source:

Ever felt like there are no profitable opportunities for non-accredited investors out there? You can’t get into foreign equities, corporate bonds, hedge funds, or venture capital.

But that’s starting to change.

Just because you’re a non-accredited investor, it doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to generic investment opportunities like stock trading. Sure, you don’t have quite as many options as those stuffy accredited folk, but there are plenty of investment opportunities for non-accredited investors. 

Here are some options you might not have known about.

Best investments and platforms for non-accredited investors

The best platforms for non-accredited investors are mostly online
The best platforms for non-accredited investors are mostly online

Peer to peer (P2P) lending

Typical returns: Between 7% and 15%

Peer to peer (P2P) lending is similar to crowdfunding — both involve investors directly giving lending money to peers. But, instead of receiving equity in a venture, P2P investors lend money to borrowers to receive interest

For instance, at MyConstant, we lend the capital from our investors to decentralized exchanges and individual borrowers on our own platform — and pay interest rates of up to 9% APY.

P2P lending tends to offer more stable returns than other options. It’s relatively isolated from external forces, like market volatility, and most P2P platforms put measures in place to minimize the likelihood and effects of defaults. You can also withdraw your money at shorter notice.


  • Returns are more stable
  • You can usually back out of an investment early
  • Many opportunities for diversification within a platform


Foreign stock and commodity ETFs

Typical returns: 10% to 20%

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are quickly increasing in popularity as the stock market opens up to more people.

An ETF is a fund you can trade on the stock exchange that consists of multiple different securities. Often they contain ones that only accredited investors can buy — for example, foreign stocks (shares of companies) or commodities (e.g., oil gas and gold).

ETFs provide a diversified and low-cost option for long-term investment. If you’re prepared to accept higher risk and greater returns, you could choose an ETF focused on a developing region that could experience fast growth, like India or Latin America.

However, although foreign stock and commodity ETFs tend to yield positive returns on average, they can be volatile in the short run. To keep risk low, opt for greater diversification and away from ETFs that center on one region of the world or the market.

Various brokerage platforms let you invest in ETFs, although some have a better offering than others. Interactive Brokers is a great choice for foreign stocks and commodities, and another option is Charles Schwab.


  • Diversified 
  • Low cost
  • Can be traded easily on the stock exchange


  • Can be volatile depending on which you pick
  • May experience losses in some years

Equity crowdfunding

Typical returns: 10% to 25%

Investing in businesses and startups has typically been an area reserved for the most wealthy and established investors, but that’s all changing with the dawn of crowdfunding. 

Various investors club together to invest in a project for an equity stake — you can take part for as little as $500. If you choose your investments wisely, you could see significant profits — but it’s no guarantee.

To find out more, check out platforms like WeFunder and Seedinvest, but bear in mind that your options will be restricted as a non-accredited investor.

Sadly, because crowdfunders invest small amounts of money, they usually have no influence on the direction of the companies they invest in and can’t access the same financial data as accredited investors would. Another drawback is that business investment is very long term.


  • Potential for big returns
  • Invest in companies in your areas of interest


  • Companies might collapse or not be profitable 
  • Have to commit for the long term
  • No influence on business direction

Real estate crowdfunding

Typical returns: 8% to 15%

Investing in real estate might not sound very alternative, but real estate crowdfunding is a new twist on an old classic. Instead of investing in a single property, you can club together with other non-accredited crowdfunders for stakes in multiple properties.

Although some platforms are limited to accredited investors, others are open to anyone, like Groundfloor and RealtyMogul. Some platforms, such as Fundrise, even pay monthly dividends and automatically get together a diversified portfolio.


  • Allows you to invest in multiple properties
  • Reasonably stable returns
  • Can be socially responsible 


  • Sometimes exclude non-accredited investors
  • Must commit to long periods
P2P lending and crowdfunding offer some of the best investments for non-accredited investors
P2P lending and crowdfunding offer some of the best investments for non-accredited investors (source:

Get steady rates as high as 9% by investing on MyConstant

As you can see, non-accredited investors aren’t as starved for opportunities as it might seem.

At MyConstant, we offer a few different opportunities for non-accredited investors. 

If you’re a crypto-holder you can lend your idle BTC, BNB, and ETH to decentralized exchanges through our crypto lend option offering 9% APY and anytime withdrawals.

We also offer crypto-backed loans for lending directly to borrowers over a set term for rates up to 7% APR. All loans on our platform are fully-secured by collateral so you don’t have to worry about defaults!

Create your free account today and start doing more with your money.

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