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The Best Cryptocurrency Wallets in The U.s. Today

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If you’re ready to diversify your portfolio with cryptocurrency, you need to figure out where to store your crypto. Crypto is a mostly unregulated industry and holding onto your assets is not as simple as plopping them into an insured bank account. Learn more about the types of crypto wallets and the best cryptocurrency wallets in the U.S. to make an informed decision that makes sense for you.

Cryptocurrencies are already a research-heavy investment even before selecting where to store them.

As crypto is a rapidly-growing field there are quite literally hundreds of options for storing most major cryptos, each with its own unique features. The wallet where you choose to store your crypto has a large impact on both how you can use your crypto and how secure it is.

Do you want to hold onto your coins securely where hackers can’t touch them? Do you want some level of insurance for your funds? Do you want passive income on your crypto or easy trading? Which cryptos are you holding in which wallet?

Instead of feeling intimidated by the crypto wallet options, we’re going to help make your choice easier. These are some of the best cryptocurrency wallets in the U.S. where you can safely and securely store your crypto assets.

Crypto wallet options to choose from today

Crypto wallets have two main options: hot wallets and cold wallets.

Hot wallets

Software-based wallets that are connected to the internet are known as hot wallets. Hot wallets are advantageous because they give you an easy and efficient way to send and receive funds, and they are typically very accessible through your desktop computer or your mobile device.

They are usually run through 3rd parties that can give you some degree of customer service if there are any issues.

Cold wallets

Cold wallets, alternately, are hardware-based wallets. These wallets aren’t connected to the internet which makes them more private and secure than hot wallets (harder to hack). For that same reason, however, it is also more challenging to perform transactions like sending or receiving crypto.

They can either take the form of flash drive-like devices or even pieces of paper with a code on them. If you lose your physical cold wallet, you also will lose all crypto inside your wallet.

Note: Crypto wallets don’t technically store your crypto (it’s always on the blockchain). They are your link to your private funds on the blockchain and they allow you to perform transactions with your cryptocurrency assets more easily.

The best hot wallets for storing cryptocurrency

If you opt for a hot wallet to access your cryptocurrency, there are a few options that outrank the rest as some of the best cryptocurrency wallets in the U.S.


Designed to make managing and exchanging your crypto secure, Exodus is considered by many to be one of the best wallets to store your cryptocurrency.

Exodus allows over 120 different types of crypto to be stored on its application. It also has a built-in exchange, which makes it even easier to swap between different currencies to diversify your portfolio.

Exodus is a closed source wallet, however, which can cause some security concerns. Unlike other crypto storage options, there is a lack of transparency in how funds are handled within the platform. Despite the security risks, many people prefer Exodus thanks to its easy accessibility.


Jaxx Liberty hot wallet is compatible with over 85 different types of cryptocurrency. The Jaxx mobile wallet allows you to see your balance, transaction history, and coin info right from the home screen. It also pairs directly with ShapeShift Exchange service so you can trade your crypto right from the app in just a few clicks.

Jaxx is a non-custodial blockchain wallet, which means you own the keys to your wallets on the platform. It’s easily accessible from both phone and desktop. You can download it on Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux devices for free.


This smartphone-based wallet can be used with both Android and iOS, making it easy and simple to access from anywhere. It also supports about 40 common cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

To increase security, Edge generates keys locally on each device and encrypts them together with a username and password on their server.  Users can also add extra security with a PIN code, fingerprint, or two-factor authentication if they want to add extra security measures to their account.

Among all of the best cryptocurrency wallets in the U.S., hot wallets are usually the most common option because they allow you to easily access and transfer your assets.
Among all of the best cryptocurrency wallets in the U.S., hot wallets are usually the most common option because they allow you to easily access and transfer your assets

Best cold wallets for storing cryptocurrency


Trezor’s state-of-the-art hardware gives you a safe and secure way to manage your cryptocurrency. Trezor devices even have MicroSD card slots so you can encrypt your wallet PIN and further protect yourself. 

Their easy-to-use interface makes the wallet simple to navigate, and you can easily control your funds across different crypto assets like Bitcoin, Dash, and Ethereum. You can also see your balance and initiate fast transfers by connecting your Trezor wallet to your desktop or smartphone. 


Ledger offers several different cold wallets depending on your needs, all with impressive security features. Each uses highly-secure chips similar to the ones used in chip-based credit cards or passports to protect your portfolio and keep all of your information safe.

Ledger currently supports over 1,200 cryptos, so it truly is one of the best go-to’s for an all-in-one wallet. 

All of their hardware wallets can also connect with Ledger Live, an app that enables you to buy, exchange, and manage all of your tokens and coins from your phone or computer.


The BitBox02 ShiftCrypto wallet has a dual-chip design and is designed to protect against everything the cyber-verse can throw at you. Even malicious USBs. The wallet’s open-source code has also been independently audited by security researchers. It even has a microSD key backup to give you extra peace of mind. 

With an in-app guide and intuitive touch sliders, ShiftCrypto is also easy to use even for beginners. You can connect the open-source wallet to your computer using Windows, macOS, and Linux or your Android smartphone to access it on your favorite device. They claim to support over 1,500 different cryptos.

If you’re asking yourself, “What type of crypto wallet should I use” maybe consider cold storage for a secure solution.
If you’re asking yourself, “What type of crypto wallet should I use?” maybe consider cold storage for better security (source:

An alternative way to store your crypto and earn more of it at the same time

You may also want to consider putting your cryptocurrency to work for you by investing your coins on MyConstant.

While there are many crypto wallet options, a platform like MyConstant allows you to earn interest on your crypto instead of simply storing it.
While there are many crypto wallet options, a platform like MyConstant allows you to earn interest on your crypto instead of simply storing it.

Using modern P2P platforms like MyConstant, you can invest your idle cryptocurrencies and get up to 11% APR for coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or BNB paid every second. MyConstant even allows you to store over 70 different cryptos in one place for added convenience.

With your MyConstant account, you always can withdraw your interest or crypto balance anytime, so your assets are always readily available. We even have a crypto-backed lending option that allows you to leverage your crypto to buy other cryptos at the lowest rates in the industry. With no need to sell up.

And here’s what we can give you that a personal wallet can’t. Most funds on our platform are held with a third-party insured custodial service based out of the US called Prime Trust. While that gives you less personal control, it also means that we can give you a hand if there are any issues with your transactions.

Sound intriguing? Sign up for a free account on MyConstant today and start earning with your crypto.

**Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be seen as financial advice. Make sure you do your own research before making any major financial decision.

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