Blog Crypto Swipe (sxp) Coin Review: What It Is, Price, How to Buy

Swipe (sxp) Coin Review: What It Is, Price, How to Buy

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Swipe coin is the primary token used to buy products on the Swipe protocol. It shot to the limelight since it was purchased by Binance to roll out a new crypto debit card. Here’s how Swipe got its start, why it’s so big now, and where you can buy it today.

In just one year, the price of Swipe coin (better known as SXP) has increased more than 10x. Besides partnering with huge players like Binance and Coinbase, Swipe Protocol is moving to create a host of DeFi apps, and even dropped hints at becoming a bank.

In this Swipe coin review, we’ll be looking at the SXP’s impact on the DeFi movement and why it’s become one of the hottest cryptos on the market.

What is Swipe coin (SXP)?

SXP serves as the primary means of payment for products on Swipe, a payment protocol currently acting as a crypto debit card platform and digital asset wallet. 

You can use your SXP token to cover transaction fees and debit card payments through Swipe. And all payments in SXP can easily be converted to fiat. Swipe also provides discounts if you use SXP token on their card.

When the Swipe network is fully completed, SXP token is planned to also be used for governance. This means users of the platform will be able to vote for certain changes using SXP token.

What is Swipe coin (SXP)
Swipe coin could be the next big thing in crypto-to-fiat transactions (source:

Most credit the immediate rise in price and popularity of SXP to Swipe’s partnership with Binance in July and the subsequent launch of its crypto debit card. 

The Swipe card lets you make direct fiat purchases using cryptocurrency, a feature that is not offered by many crypto debit cards. The Swipe card also comes with up to 5% cashback reward on all purchases and 100% rebates on things like Spotify and Netflix accounts.

The credibility of Binance and the unique credit-card features helped push SXP token from $1.5 per coin to $5 in a matter of days once it was announced.  

People are also excited about SXP token becoming a governance token once the Swipe network is created. Having the power to determine how a promising platform like Swipe is managed has proved to be very attractive for DeFi investors.

Much of Swipe’s success can be attributed to its successful partnerships
Much of Swipe’s success can be attributed to its successful partnerships

Where can you buy and store Swipe Coins?

Swipe is an ERC-20 coin so it can be stored in most ETH-based wallets
Swipe is an ERC-20 coin so it can be stored in most ETH-based wallets (source:

Where can you store Swipe coins? 

Any Ethereum-based wallet can store your SXP since it’s an ERC-20 token. Wallets that support SXP token include Trezor, Ledger, Trust wallet, Atomic waller, and MyEtherWallet.

Where can you buy Swipe coins?

Presently, Binance is the most effective place to buy SXP.  Other exchanges like Bithumb, Coinbase, and Upbit also sell Swipe coin. However, there’s a slight price variation in different markets. While Binance and Coinbase sell for $1.50, Bithumb’s Swipe coin price is  $1.51.

Exchange prices can vary drastically. Often you’ll need to shift your crypto between multiple exchanges to get the best price on coins like SXP. However, today are better options.

Where to margin buy Swipe coins at the best market prices, guaranteed

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