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Star Atlas Crypto Game Review: A World Beyond Imagining?

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The metaverse, NFT games, and virtual lands are making strides worldwide, and it appears to be gaining more traction than ever. The surge is primarily driven by the play-to-earn gaming sector, with the likes of Axie Infinity rising in prominence. With a galaxy-wide virtual experience and a Solana chain-based structure, Star Atlas crypto game is one of the most talked-about Play-to-Earn games. 

In this in-depth review of Star Atlas, we’ll go through what it is, identify the main features, and how you can make a profit.

What is Star Atlas Crypto Game

Star Atlas promotes itself as a “world vast beyond imagining” and is a strategy-based game in which spacefaring players attempt to time-travel into the futuristic setting of 2620. You could discover new planets with hidden treasures, explore the cosmos with virtual experiences, and lay claim to the territory to conquer opponents.

The Realm of Star Atlas hosts three different groups: people, extraterrestrial species, and robotic creatures. You need to claim land in the Star Atlas metaverse and commence mining activities to begin your objective. You may buy and customize one-of-a-kind Star Atlas NFTs to help you flourish in the Star Atlas metaverse. 

Like most play-to-earn games, Star Atlas requires an initial expenditure to get started. Let this motivate you to explore these places for profitable in-game resources.

The battling mechanisms, farming, crafting systems, and exhilarating guild war mode will all return in Star Atlas.

NFTs and blockchain technology have been combined with cinematic graphics and augmented reality in Star Atlas. It’s easy to see why the game is generating so much buzz.

Star Atlas crypto gameplay trailer

Star Atlas Features


The factions play a crucial role in shaping the Star Atlas gaming experience.
The factions play a crucial role in shaping the Star Atlas gaming experience. (Source: Star Atlas)

n Star Atlas, factions are divided according to the species of their inhabitants; humans dominate MUD Territory, aliens rule ONI Region, and sentient androids rule Ustur Sectors. Each faction comprises people from various occupations who join together to wage a factional battle for resources and political dominance.

MUD Territory

MUD Territory is a group of individuals who have moved from Earth to establish a new home in the universe. They employ their technological know-how and experience as a weapon of mass destruction against two opposing factions.

ONI Region

Because it’s ruled by extraterrestrial civilizations, the ONI Region is home to a broad spectrum of alien animals. They are using technology and biological intelligence to frighten the other two groups.

Ustur Sector

Lifelike robots dominate the Ustur Sector with cutting-edge technology and their own conscience.


Aside from being space travelers, players are considered Star Atlas citizens who are free to follow their professional interests, such as:

  • Commander
  • Aviator
  • Cabin Crew
  • Scientist
  • Engineer
  • Entrepreneur

Game modes

In Star Atlas, there are two traditional game types to explore in the expanse of the cosmos:

Environment vs. Player (PvE)

The PvE world, or Player Versus Environment, allows users to combat NPC or computer-controlled players to complete a series of quests. In Star Atlas, the ultimate purpose of PvE is to explore the cosmos in search of new planets that may be mined for resources and colonized. Players could earn money in PvE mode by farming unique materials from found planets and selling them on the marketplace.

Matches between players (PvP)

Players are obliged to participate in PvP mode after discovering new planets (Player versus Player). Players can board a starship to compete for resources and planet colonization with their chosen factions.


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets that have their ownership tracked on a blockchain. In play-to-earn metaverse gaming, NFTs are one-of-a-kind collectibles that may be used within the game and have real-world worth.

The marketplace is a key feature of the game.
The marketplace is a key feature of the game. (Source: Star Atlas)

The NFTs you buy in Star Atlas are added to your “Inventory.” They are unique and saved in your linked wallet. You can utilize your inventory in two ways. You can use them to begin your Star Atlas metaverse profession or become a Star Atlas dealer.

You’ll need a Solana-based wallet before you can play or buy anything. There are several options, including Phantom, Solflare, and, but we recommend Phantom because it’s more popular and easy to use, much like MetaMask. All you have to do is download and install the wallet’s browser extension before creating a new account. Make a note of your 12-word key and save it somewhere safe!

After that, transfer a modest amount of Solana to your new wallet. Open your Phantom wallet, navigate to Deposit, and then search for and pick the Solana network. You receive a unique wallet address. Then you can use NFTs to buy ships, structures, collectibles, and access.


When choosing which ship to utilize in the game, you have numerous options, including filtering by rare qualities and size, ranging from xx-small to huge.

When you pick a ship, you will see crucial aspects such as a description, ship details, its supply in the metaverse, its list price, and how to buy and sell it.


Structure NFTs in Star Atlas range from claim stakes and mining drills to space stations and power plants. Each has its unique set of rarity features and gameplay utility. Each structure will also provide you with information on the important elements of the NFT, such as supply and specifications.


Humans, skins, posters, crew gear, emotes, charms, and pets are among the NFT “Collectibles” in Star Atlas. Each will have its function in the game as well as a market worth in the Star Atlas marketplace. Each collectible on the market will carry important information, such as where to buy and sell it.

There will be new and inventive use cases as NFTs expand and alter within the play-to-earn gaming ecosystem. In the case of Star Atlas, this includes a new NFT line called “Access,” which contains permits and badges. The “Executive Badge” now ensures future advantages as the game evolves, according to Star Atlas’ NFT description.


Polis Token

POLIS is a governance token that grants players political power and influence with the developers of Star Atlas. The token is a simple status that adds to a player’s control of the faction conflict. Token holders will be able to vote on ideas to improve in-game policies, similar to prior NFTs games. The more POLIS tokens a person owns, the more power they have over Star Atlas’ ecosystems.

Having a Solana-based wallet is crucial in playing Star Atlas.
Having a Solana-based wallet is crucial in playing Star Atlas. (Source: Star Atlas)

POLIS Token, in particular, serves as the platform’s supply controller for ATLAS. According to Coinmarketcap, the maximum quantity of POLIS units is 360,000,000.

Once the game is live, the only way to gain access to POLIS is to stake ATLAS. However, 20% of the tokens will be available for purchase in the Galactic Atlas Offering, covered in greater detail later in the article.

Atlas Token

ATLAS Token is a utility token that serves as a medium of exchange for all transactions and in-game tasks in the Star Atlas crypto galaxy.

The game includes a burn-and-mint method to manage ATLAS supply in order to maintain liquidity. When players explore a new planet, ATLAS tokens are “minted” and “burned” when used to construct things. The ATLAS token has a restricted quantity of 36,000,000, according to Coinmarketcap. 

In short, Star Atlas is living up to its reputation as the next generation of NFTs games outside of the GameFi sector. Furthermore, the use of Unreal Engine 5 makes it difficult to deny the cinematic graphics that we anticipate seeing shortly after the game’s debut. The broader voyage is now Star Atlas’s exciting future.

What makes Star Atlas different from other blockchain games?

These elements have already been seen in play-to-earn games, such as an NFT marketplace or its own coin. On the other hand, Star Atlas contains elements that will set it distinct. It, for example, supports virtual reality. This will provide players with an immersive experience.

Star Atlas has made use of the Grand Strategy function. The battle has many dimensions and will last a long time. During this time, participants must navigate strategically around emerging infrastructure and new policies enacted by POLIS holders.

Because they are constructed with digital ledger technology, the game encourages this with a decentralized financial framework that includes loans, yield farming, and automatic market-making.

Territory and fleet control are also included in Star Atlas, as well as player vs. environment and player vs. player warfare.

The game has developed a target audience of entrepreneurs, executives, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, video gamers, space travel enthusiasts, and economists by merging the blockchain, gaming, and space travel.

The game will also feature cinematic-style graphics generated by Unreal Engine 5’s Nanite.

Final Thoughts on Star Atlas Crypto Game

Blockchain and metaverse technology have disrupted the business so significantly in the last year that key powers like Ubisoft are racing to get involved. Companies in the pay-to-play industry will be compelled to adjust.

Star Atlas, like all cryptocurrency projects, could be a risky investment. As always, we strongly advise you to conduct your own research before investing in this project as we are only providing a guide for those who are interested and not advising or suggesting anything.

Star Atlas is a play-to-earn game, however changes in the price of ATLAS over time may have an impact on your earnings from this game. This is a significant risk in this project. As a result, we recommend that you watch some YouTube videos and pay attention to the resource efficiency of the spaceships that individuals own in the enlisting menu.

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