Blog Crypto Staking MCT: Yet Another Way to Earn with MyConstant

Staking MCT: Yet Another Way to Earn with MyConstant

date May 19, 2022 time 2 min read 835 views

By now, you should be aware of MCT, our new native token. If not, then take the time to read an in-depth blog on the MCT token and the role it plays in our ecosystem. One of the biggest benefits for you is staking your MCT to earn even more interest on your crypto.

In this blog, we’ll show you how you can benefit from staking MCT and how to do it. Without any further ado, let’s jump straight into it.

Earn up to 12% APR by staking MCT

Staking MCT with us will be a rewarding experience, where you can earn up to 12% APR. We’ve also introduced a membership program to deliver even more benefits when you stake MCT. It will be divided into four levels:

  • BASE: Less than 1% MCT in Portfolio
  • GOLD: 1% – < 5% MCT in Portfolio
  • PLATINUM: 5% – < 15% MCT in Portfolio
  • DIAMOND: From 15% MCT in Portfolio

The level will be determined by how much MCT you are holding in relation to your portfolio on MyConstant. The higher the percentage, the higher your rewards. Here’s a snippet of what you could enjoy by staking MCT:

  • Crypto Lend: Earn up to 15% APY.
  • Fixed-term investments: Earn up to 8.4% APR.
  • Lending Lottery: Earn up to 1.2% and up to 4 extra tickets for every $2,000 invested.
  • Crypto-backed loans: Pay from just 3.6% APR.
  • Crypto Swap: Up to 90% discount on swapping fees.
  • Referral program: Earn up to $20 and up to 20% of referee’s interest.

The full package is designed to help you achieve your financial goals and boost your revenue.

How to stake MCT

First of all, you’ll need to buy MCT. If you’re in the US, then you can buy your tokens on PancakeSwap. Outside the US, you can buy MCT right here on MyConstant. We’ve written a blog on it recently.

Once you do that, it’s easy to stake your MCT.

Step 1: 

Go to the MCT Staking page and enter how much you want to stake, and for how long. The maximum length of time is 180 days (or 6 months), with 12% APR.

You’ll also notice how much interest you’ll earn during your selected term.

Once you’re ready, hit Start Staking!

Step 2: Review your order and confirm

You’ll then be taken to the next page where you can review your order and confirm when you’re happy with the details.

And that’s it. You’ve staked your MCT!

What happens next?

The MCT is then added to the MyConstant blockchain, supporting our project and earning you interest along the way. Once the term completes, you’ll get your crypto plus earned interest back into your account.

Grow your income by staking MCT

It has never been easier to increase your income with MyConstant. Not only can you earn interest directly from staking your MCT, you also boost your returns with our other products. As our financial ecosystem grows, you will enjoy more benefits from our platform than ever before.

Begin your financial journey with us today!

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George Schooling

Buy MCT token with ease and enjoy the staking rate of up to 12% APR
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