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Sipher NFT Game Review: Explore the Jungles and Oceans

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The new Sipher NFT game is an exploration and MOBA game developed on blockchain. The game is set in the virtual land of Sipheria, which consists of several interconnected worlds called Blocks. Each Block is different from the other, with a mix of jungle and ocean worlds that are waiting to be explored. One of the main objectives is to earn ather tokens, which allows you to create new worlds.

Sipheria is home to an eclectic set of characters.
Sipheria is home to an eclectic set of characters. (Source: Sipheria)

Sipher Crypto Game modes

PvE: in this mode, the game focuses on role play. Players can use their characters in adventures to collect rewards, create and discover stories about Sipheria. Additionally, there are also three-person teams in the Dungeons, where you could fight monsters and other characters to win assets.

PvP: Players can join solo mode or 3v3 fights, in a battle to gain top ranking. There will be rewards for players who rank in the top at the end of the season.

The main reward in PVP and PVE the ather token.

The two game modes essentially lead to the same prizes, but with different styles of gaming.
The two game modes essentially lead to the same prizes, but with different styles of gaming. (Source: Sipheria)

Token function

Players can earn rewards, capture and conquer daily challenges for dual rewards in ather and sipher tokens:

Ather: This is a Sipheria power source that players must fight for by capturing nodes or tiles. Ather is an energy source that allows characters to equip combinations of Skills and Items. There is a limited amount of Ather that each character can obtain and maintain. Ather is used as an energy source for various activities.

Sipher: This token will provide the ecosystem with a trading currency that can be staked to receive benefits (in-game and finance), participate in the management of the game, acquire in-game assets, and more.

Sipher NFT Characters

Every playable character in Sipheria is a non-fungible token (NFTs). This means that the player has full ownership over their characters and can trade them with other players on the markets.

There are a total of 40,000 characters with 4 different species in each stage of Sipher Roadmap, the collection name “Sipherian Surge”.Currently, two out of four species have been created: Inu and Neko. Buru and Tori will be created and public sale in the next stage. 

All characters have randomized traits that make them unique from one another. Each NFT character belongs to a certain species, has a sub-race, wears a specific armor piece, and wields a specific weapon.  

Aside from the main races, there will be sub-race traits called BioZ, Cyborg, Cosmic, Felis, Synthetic, Phasewalker, Crystalis which are ultra-rare NFTs.


The platform has a vibrant and active community with over 100,000 followers on Twitter and more than 170,000 on Discord.


Currently, Sipher – a NFT gaming is providing holders with staking service that bring them high profit

Developers and Investors

Tin Nguyen: Managing a genuine estate improvement organization, nominated for Forbes Vietnam thirty U30, he co-founded and invested in organizations this kind of as DreamPlex, ZoneStartups, EcoTruck, FreshHouse, Recruitery, Mercurial FINance and Cloud Energy. “

Loi Luu: CEO and co-founder of Kyber Network, an on-chain liquidity protocol that powers decentralized applications, such as exchanges, money, loan protocols, payment wallets, and so on. A fantastic investor in the blockchain room, Loi has a remarkable portfolio with considerable investments in 1inch, Serum, Mercurial Finance, Krystal Wallet, and so on. By joining Sipher, Loi will carry an intensive network into the business to facilitate Sipher’s development.

Vittorio Tran: Co-founder and CTO of Kyber Network, he has been concerned in the improvement of blockchains and cryptocurrencies because early 2016. With an appreciation of video games and blockchain, Vu has joined with Sipher to market the improvement of Sipher through his confirmed encounter in the blockchain sector.


Sipher has attracted some high profile backers to its gaming platform.
Sipher has attracted some high profile backers to its gaming platform. (Source: Sipheria)


Sipher is accelerating the growth of the Sipher universe with a set of tools needed to create an immersive, fun, and engaging gaming experience based on blockchain technology.

Although in the development stage, Sipher’s community has grown rapidly, proving there could be some substance behind the hype. As always though, we always advise you to do your own research before jumping in. You might find some games suit you better than others.

As the play-to-earn crypto games continue to grow, there’s little doubt that you should be keeping an eye on Sipher.

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