Blog News Share Your MyConstant Experience with The World to Win Cash Prizes

Share Your MyConstant Experience with The World to Win Cash Prizes

date October 27, 2020 time 2 min read 962 views

Fancy winning $50 for a couple of minutes’ work?

Create a video about your MyConstant experience and you could win one of three cash prizes: $50, $30, or $20.

All you need to do is record a 1-minute video (or longer) about your experience so far, for example:

  • What you like most about the platform.
  • How you grow your money with us.
  • Your favorite MyConstant product or feature.
  • Your favorite investing moment.
  • Or anything else you like (as long as it’s about us).
Share your MyConstant experience with the world to win cash prizes
Let us know your MyConstant experience in a short video and you could win $50!

We’ll select the top three videos and rank them first, second, and third. The winners will receive $50, $30, $20 respectively, deposited directly into their MyConstant accounts.

The Contest will run from Tuesday at 12:00 AM PDT (October 27) to Monday at 12:00 AM PDT (November 2). Any entries received after the closing time will not be counted.

To enter, you must:

  • Have a MyConstant account.
  • Have invested or borrowed in the past 6 months.
  • Be 18 years of age or older.

How to submit


Retweet our post with the hashtag #HOWiEARN and send us a DM with your video. Make sure you follow us too so we can message you if you win!


Send a DM to the MyConstant Facebook page with your video. Like us there too so we can keep you updated with competition news.


Send us a DM with your video. Make sure you follow us for more competitions and rewards!


  • The MyConstant team will choose the winners at their discretion.
  • The contest will run until 12:00 AM PDT November 2. Subject to change based on entry volume.
  • By submitting an entry you agree to MyConstant using it for commercial and promotional activities.
  • Entries deemed inappropriate or insensitive will be ineligible for entry.
  • Entries submitted to other channels besides our Twitter/Facebook/Instagram pages will be ineligible.
  • If you are contacted regarding your prize and do not respond during the following 48 hours a new winner will be selected.

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