Blog News Save Up to 3% on Your Christmas Gifts This Year with MyConstant Gift Cards

Save Up to 3% on Your Christmas Gifts This Year with MyConstant Gift Cards

date December 19, 2020 time 4 min read 824 views

Started your Christmas shopping yet?

It’s not too late to save some cash with MyConstant Gift Cards!

Save up to 3% at over 40 of your favorite brands, knocking some extra change into your back pocket. 

All MyConstant gift cards are digital, delivered instantly to your registered email address and mobile via SMS, and there are no processing fees

You can redeem them in-store or online, and each gift card lasts 12 months from the date you buy it. They also work great as gifts for special occasions or to save even more when you spot a great deal. 

We’re confident you won’t find our gift card selection cheaper anywhere else. Don’t pay more than you have to this yearcheck out our gift card selection now

How do MyConstant gift cards work?

MyConstant gift cards work much like other eGift vouchers. You’ll receive a code and instructions to redeem at your chosen retailer, and cashback is paid into your MyConstant balance. You can view the terms and conditions of each gift card and how to redeem before you buy.

Here’s how to get yours:

  1. Head to our Gift Cards home page.
  1. Choose an amount and retailer from the dropdown boxes.
  1. Review the terms and conditions and how to redeem. 
  1. If you have sufficient funds in your MyConstant balance, click Buy Now. Otherwise, top up your USD balance and recreate your order. 
  1. You get up to 3% cashback instantly on your chosen gift card. This money is returned to your MyConstant balance. For example, if you buy a $1,000 gift card with 3% cashback, $30 will be returned to your balance. 
  1. Once you click Buy Now, you’ll see your gift card and redemption instructions on-screen. We’ll also send these to your registered email address and as an SMS to your registered mobile number. 


How much cashback will I receive?

For most retailers, you’ll get 3% cashback on the face value of the gift card if you buy before Monday Jan 25th, 2021, at 9am PST. This is credited to your MyConstant balance as cashback immediately at the point of sale. After Jan 25th, the cashback amount is subject to change. 

Is there a limit on the gift card value?

Yes, the maximum you can order is $5,000 per month. However, you can extend this limit by $500 each time you refer a friend who signs up and deposits USD. 

How do I pay for gift cards?

At the moment, you can only pay for gift cards using your available MyConstant balance. If you don’t have enough funds, you will need to deposit first before ordering your gift card. In the coming weeks, you’ll also be able to create a gift card order that will fulfil automatically when your funds reach us. 

Where can I use gift cards?

You can use MyConstant gift cards at nearly 50 different retailers, including some of the biggest brands in the US. We’re working closely with our gift card partner to expand our retailer network, offering you the best choice of gift cards anywhere online. 

How do I redeem a gift card?

This depends on the retailer. You’ll usually be able to redeem the gift cards online, over the phone, or in-store using the bar code or PIN on the gift card. You’ll receive these details by email and SMS so please make sure we have the right details for you. You can also review redemption instructions before you order. If you have any issues, drop us an email on [email protected]

Can I cancel a gift card and get a refund?

No, all gift card sales are final and can’t be transferred or returned. The exception is if the gift card doesn’t work as we have a three-month guarantee that covers faulty gift cards. Please read the terms and conditions when you select your gift card for purchase. 

Where can I view the terms and conditions of the gift card?

When you select a retailer from the dropdown box, you will see a link for the terms and conditions as well as instructions on how to redeem. 

What if I lose the gift card?

If you lose the gift card or accidentally delete the email it came with, drop us a line on [email protected] and we’ll help you recover it. 

Where can I view gift card orders?

Gift card orders will show in your transaction history on your Accounts page. You can also view your orders in your email inbox and mobile SMS history (assuming you haven’t deleted them). 

What happens if I don’t spend all the money on the gift card?

You must redeem the entire balance in a single transaction or you’ll lose the difference. Gift cards are designed to be spent in one go, so it’s better to have a purchase or occasion in mind before you buy your gift card. 

Are there any fees when buying and using MyConstant gift cards?

No, there are no fees. 

When do gift cards expire?

All gift cards are valid for 12 months from the date you buy them. 

Are gift cards available outside of the US?

At the moment, gift cards are only available in the US, but we hope to open up to other countries (and retailers) soon. 

Can I exchange a gift card for cash?

No, gift cards can only be used to buy goods or services directly from retailers. 

How can I trust the gift cards are genuine?

All gift cards come with a three-month guarantee: should you be unable to redeem your gift card or lose it within three months of purchase, we can help to replace it with another, free of charge. 

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