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Review Deposit Fund on MyConstant

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The way to deposit money on MyConstant account is straightforward. With several simple steps, you can not only earn an automatic 4% APY interest, compounded and paid every second but also invest in a fixed-term loan or withdraw at any time for free.

myconstant deposit fund

While there are various methods to increase your income, using an online account to deposit money online is one of the safest ways to help you get more for your money. If you are a risk-averse investor and want to know how to deposit cash, let’s consider MyConstant. With MyConstant, the way to deposit money is so quick and simple. That means setting up your MyConstant account takes seconds, and has no setup costs or hidden fees. More importantly, you have a chance to earn interest, compounded and paid every second. Let’s jump into our article.

 How to deposit cash on MyConstant?

If you want to know how to deposit cash on MyConstant, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account. If you have not had an account, sign up a new account on MyConstant and verify it. Please ensure that the bank account is in your name when depositing into your MyConstant account.
  2. Click on “Make a deposit” from your Accounts page or visit the deposit page directly.
  3. Enter the amount you want to deposit funds and then click “Deposit now”.
  4. On the next screen, you can find three deposit methods. Send your money via wire, or ACH through a linked US bank account. 

Our website supports not only ACH transfers for linked US accounts up to $5,000 per transaction, but also unlimited wire transfers. Keep in mind that you can send a maximum of $50,000 per day via a linked US account. 

For more information, an ACH transfer is typically cheaper but slower than a wire transfer. ACH transfers are settled in batches by an automatic clearing system. But mistakes can result in reversals that happen when the transfer gets canceled due to incorrect information, duplicate transfers, etc, and these repeated reversals may incur fees. 

If you want to know how to avoid ACH reversal, make sure

  • You link a bank account that supports ACH.
  • Your account has enough money at least 48 hours after your ACH request.
  • Link a checking account, not a savings account to avoid the limited number of withdrawals a year. In addition, you can link up to two US bank accounts through Plaid with no fees. Make sure that you deposit money and withdraw using the same method and the same account for 60 days.
  • For instance, should you deposit funds of $2,000 via a linked US bank account, you will only be able to withdraw this amount to the same linked US bank account. This means you can not withdraw the amount in crypto, another account, or other methods.
  1. Select the preferred deposit method, then follow the on-screen instructions. Should you not have a linked US bank account, set one up using the on-screen link.
  2. Once your deposit order is successful or MyConstant receives your deposit, which may take from 4 to 7 business days, your balance will be updated within 1 business day. After you make your transfer, email your receipt to [email protected]. If the method is international wire, your deposit may take 01 to 02 business days. If your bank needs a review or there is missing information, your deposit may be delayed these times.

* Note that if you are a non-diamond member, you are only allowed to have an ACH transfer active at a time.

How can you ensure your deposit?

If you are concerned about the security of deposits on the MyConstant account, don’t worry, depositing money from three methods of payment is absolutely safe, private and secure. We offer you Instant-access investing – an anytime-withdrawal investment account that you can earn 4% APY by default.

You can disable Instant-access investing from your Account page if you do not prefer it. Once you disable it, your money will remain with Prime Trust which is our accredited US custodian. Your funds will be stored across multiple insured accounts to an aggregate limit of $130,000. In other ways, MyConstant will not handle your money at all in the future. 

Besides, you can withdraw uninvested funds at any time for free but you will not earn any interest on your balance.

Which benefits does MyConstant offer when you deposit money?

If you don’t want to take risks by investing in the financial market like stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency, etc, you can choose to deposit money with an attractive rate of interest. Once you deposit funds online on MyConstant accounts through Prime Trust, you will have a chance to earn an automatic 4% APY interest, compounded and paid every second. You can also store it in an insured escrow. 

Besides, you can earn up to 7% APR with no hidden fees and free USD withdrawals. 

In addition, while your deposit money via ACH transfer is processed, you can also earn interest thanks to Instant Credits that is our developed program. Instant Credits allows you to earn 4% APY from the moment you create an ACH transfer instead of waiting 5 business days and you can not earn any interest during this time as normal. 

When you deposit funds, note that Instant Credits has transaction limits that are calculated as follows:

Your Instant Credit Limit = Your current balance + $1000 (the maximum is $25,000 per transaction).

For instance, suppose that your balance is $4,000 and your Instant Credit Limit is $5,000, which means you can earn 4% APY on a transaction up to $5,000 while your ACH is processed.

All the above guides are the simple steps to learning how to deposit cash on MyConstant. In addition to money, you can also deposit Cryptocurrency or Stablecoins on MyConstant. 

Sounds interesting? Deposit right now to have a chance to earn more.

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