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Plaid Errors and What to Do About Them

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Linking your bank account through Plaid lets you seamlessly send ACH transfers between our platform and your bank account without those pesky wire fees. However, Plaid errors do happen from time to time.

As with any new tech, Plaid integration comes with its share of hurdles. We think they are minor compared to the benefits. But we wanted to make a quick blog for you covering some of the issues you may encounter.

First, we want you to get a nice look at a standard Plaid error screen. Hopefully, you don’t see too much of this guy. We’re now going to go through a couple of common errors that might produce this screen.

Some common Plaid errors and what to do about them

Invalid credentials

Why you are seeing this screen

If you see this screen it means you entered some of your account information incorrectly.

What you should do

If you see this message and you think you entered everything right, 

enter your info again and watch for:

  • Capitalization errors
  • Spelling errors
  • Punctuation errors
  • Extra spaces

Getting locked out

Why you are seeing this screen

If you see this screen then you have probably entered your login information incorrectly too many times and have been locked out of your account.

What you should do

If you get locked out you should try to contact your financial institution or log onto their web portal to resolve the issue.

Your account information is no longer connected

Why you are seeing this

The connection to your bank has been disrupted or your credentials have changed (e.g. updated username). 

What you should do

Ask us to launch your account in update mode so we can relink your bank.

The error that isn’t actually an error

Why you are seeing this

You tried to update an account link that was already correctly set up

What you should do

Nothing 🙂 you’re good to go.

Institutional errors

Here’s a couple of error screens you might see if there are issues on your bank’s side of things. In all of these situations, you should try to contact your financial institution.

Account not supported

Why are you seeing this

Your financial institution you tried to link isn’t supported by Plaid right now, sorry.

What you should do

Create an account through a different institution.

Your account isn’t fully set up

Why you are seeing this

Your bank/financial institution won’t allow your account to connect with Plaid.

What you should do

Usually, you’ll encounter this problem because your bank needs more information or has updated their terms of service. Contact your institution or check out your online account and see if there are any incomplete steps.

Account MFA issues

Why you are seeing this

Plaid currently won’t support the multi-factor authentication method your institution uses.

What you should do

Unfortunately your only option here is to link a different account.

Other institutional errors

Why you are seeing this screen

  • Your institution’s integration with Plaid may be down.
  • Your institution’s integration is failing to respond.
  • Plaid’s connection to your institution is down for maintenance.
  • Your institution’s infrastructure has changed and needs to update its Plaid integration.
  • Another issue has come up in Plaid

What you can do about it

Most of these issues generally get resolved within a day or two. If the problem persists, you may need to link an account from a different institution.

You can always come talk with us

We hope this helped answer some of your questions on Plaid errors. As always, we’re available to chat 24/7 on either email ([email protected]) Live Chat. Feel free to reach out and we’ll help you get through anything that comes up.

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