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MTL Coin Review – Everything You Need To Know

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MTL (Metal) is the blockchain campaign that needs to standardize cryptocurrencies and make them a little bit accessible to the general public. They are making it with the payment application and platform which pays its clients for transferring and obtaining money. This consists of fiat and cryptocurrencies. Each transaction created with the Metal Pay application might help clients acquire as much as 5% back of MTL tokens. 

We will show you the Metal campaign, its group members, and the typical features of the MTL coin. We can even summarize the long-term use cases for the MTL token and whether there are opportunities for larger adoption. 

Overview of MTL Coin

Metal expects to reward you with free MTL tokens for straightforwardly spending cash, or transforming fiat into cryptocurrency. For instance, when you spend around 100 dollars with the Metal Pay application; both you and the user might get up to approximately 5 dollars in MTL. You could even consider those tokens as liquid Metal since they might simply be exchanged for various cryptocurrencies on trades; or changed into cash for the application. However, if you easily need to hold the Metal; there are some rewards for it as well. 

Metal (MTL coin) is standardizing payment procedures by offering a simple on-ramp into the globe of cryptocurrencies. 

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The debut of the MTL coin. Source:

Processed payment proof of MTL coin

Metal rewards you with MTL tokens via the procedure known as Processed payment proof. The processed payment’s proof is the MTL coin solution of distributing coins to individuals rather than spreading coins to miners via Proof of Work. 

As soon as you approve your identity with Metal, you might be rewarded with the MTL coin through Processed Payment’s proof for sending fiat; or transforming fiat into crypto. However, Processed payment proof is quite more complicated than distributing MTL on each transaction. Initially, there is a cap of approximately 1000 bucks of MTL rewards per month for people and 5000 dollars for merchants. 

Next, Processed payment’s proof rewards great behavior. So if you and a buddy quickly send the similar 100 dollars back and forth, you will rapidly be banned from taking MTL rewards. However, when the legitimate transaction is completed, you can use and lock in your MTL tokens. MTL coin plans to provide you with processed payment proof on sending MTL, but they seem to want to initially enhance the anti-fraud algorithms to stay away from users from gaming the system. 

MTL coin selected around 5% as the reward level to put themselves towards the basic credit card rewards. However, with a finite amount of MTL which can be available, you should be thinking, might not the rewards run out one day? If the MTL is common and beneficial; the MTL tokens’ value can boost up, leading to the ratio of MTL token distribution to reduce. If the MTL coin application is quite common and all MTL is spread, the corporation seems that they might get better market penetration that they “win” and that the MTL coin can be a feasible medium for trade. 


When peer-to-peer is free, MTL coin charges fees for merchant processing. However, merchants are capable of buying platform credit with MTL coin to “entitle them to the discount on the associated payment processing fee and the discount for the merchant services”. Next, merchants “even take the extra 5% off payment processing fees for providing the discount during paying with MTL”. With the role of the client, it particularly can be fabulous to accumulate the discount easily by paying with cryptocurrency. 

On top of it, the MTL coin can be specifically attractive to cash-only businesses which could not get the ideal relationships with the banking aspect. Based on their whitepaper, the campaign targets “high-risk merchants, cash-intensive merchants, and people who need to admit cryptocurrency”. The cannabis field of America, for instance, is legal on specific state levels; but illegal at the federal level, making banks wary of becoming involved. 

In reality, it can attract merchants to attempt and adopt the MTL coins if they make sure that it might lower their payment processing fees, while earning them free MTL tokens via processed payment proof at the same time. 

The distribution ability of MTL coin. Source:

MTL coin supply

There are approximately 66,588,888 MTL tokens integrated into the Ethereum token standard ERC20. The double million are held by the Metal foundation with nearly around 3.8 million reserved for staff and experts. About 13.3 million is locked up for around one year in the processing pond for the Metal campaign. 

Around 21 million tokens are in circulation with 26 million reserved for distribution via processed payment proof. When it comes to the fourth quarter of 2017, Venmo dealt with more than 10 billion dollars in transactions. If the MTL coin comes to this scale’s level, the MTL coin price can boost up all tokens that might be Processed Payment proof into existence so rapidly.  

Progress and Roadmap of MTL coin

When Metal Pay brings a host of plans coming down the pipeline, they enjoy not putting items on the roadmaps if they are not certain to hit the mark. It comes in sharp contrast to the ambitious roadmaps of a lot of cryptocurrencies. They do make sure that in Spring 2018, they might roll out Metal bank accounts. 

As for FDIC-insured bank accounts, the group has talked about the loans’ possibility, and even services. At the end of 2018, they get “Shopify-style integrations, plugins for online companies, the built-in NFC hardware tap-to-pay terminal, and so forth”. The same as corporations like Litepay, they even need to be capable of providing merchants with the ability to transform cryptocurrency payments instantly into fiat to prevent MTL coin price volatility. 

Metal Pay expects one to incorporate a split payments attribute in the future. Suppose all the free Processed Payment’s proof using Metal Pay to purchase your meal, and then invoicing your buddies for also more POPP (proof of Process Payment). Since MTL transactions (MTL coin price) for the Metal Pay application are done off-chain, it even opens up the possibilities for microtransactions. When it comes to iOS application updates, you might register and participate in the beta program immediately.  

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