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MCT Coin: What Problem Does It Aim to Solve?

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After being part of the cryptocurrency world for years, we have first-hand experience here at MyConstant of the biggest problems first-time investors (and other users) face. We designed MCT coin with the aim of being able to solve most of them in a single product, all to make crypto a more feasible option. If you’re wondering what the token is all about, this is the article for you.

We’ve been making progress with the development of our MCT coin over the last few months. It’s an exciting stage in our journey to become a leading fintech platform for the next digital age, and we want you to be right there with us—but for that to happen, you need to understand the problems we’re trying to solve. 

In this article, we’ll introduce the MCT token and its key features, before outlining the state of the crypto world right now and how we hope MCT coin can change it for the better. 

Introducing the MCT coin

At MyConstant, we’ve been working since 2019 to build better financial products and help people put their money to good use without having to resort to middlemen like financial institutions, resulting in greater access to borrowing and higher investment returns. This has taken the form of borrowing products that don’t involve credit checks, and investment options that offer higher returns than anything found elsewhere from your standard bank.

MCT coin is here to facilitate the transition to the metaverse.
MCT coin is here to facilitate the transition to the metaverse. (Source: MyConstant)

But there’s always a way to improve, and we wanted to make a way to provide a more seamless experience. To do it, we’ve added features like:

  • Crypto swaps—a way for you to instantly switch between different cryptocurrencies 
  • A debit card—so you can use your crypto from anywhere in the world 
  • Higher rates for crypto lending—you can now earn up to 12% APY for our highest-earning products

But we’re not stopping there. All of this came to its culmination with the introduction of MCT coin, so let’s take a deeper look.

What is the MCT coin?

The MCT token is a cryptocurrency—but it’s also so much more. The token represents somewhere to manage your digital assets in one place while taking advantage of sophisticated tools and the best uses for your money. The MCT coin makes use of all the MyConstant features outlined above to provide a whole new way to manage your crypto assets and access financial services using the blockchain.

Plus, token holders also automatically become stakeholders in MyConstant, meaning they can have a say in the direction we go in and earn money along the way. 

And all of this happens using a decentralized framework, which means that you can remain anonymous and protect your data as you navigate the features. 

In summary: MCT token is a one-stop shop (or rather, coin) for carrying out all your crypto-related activities. And if you’re at all familiar with this world, you’ll understand straightaway why we launched it.

What problems will the MCT coin solve?

You might think that the last thing the world needs is yet another altcoin claiming to be “the next bitcoin” or “like Ethereum with lower fees.” Yet we invented MCT coin because it solves real problems that real people are encountering as they venture into the crypto world. Let’s look at what those issues are—and most importantly, the solutions we’re providing. 

Wave goodbye to the need for traditional financial services with MCT coin (at least, partly).
Wave goodbye to the need for traditional financial services with MCT coin (at least, partly). (Source: Unsplash)

Greater accessibility to crypto 

There are plenty of growing pains in the blockchain world. Since the majority of society still relies on fiat currencies to carry out standard financial activities, anyone who wants to use crypto has to constantly switch from fiat to metaverse. It’s hardly ideal.

You also need to be confident in navigating the crypto world to give it a go. For example, if you wanted to stake a cryptocurrency, you’d typically have to buy it from an exchange and then transfer it to a relevant platform where you could earn money—maybe even depositing it in a crypto wallet along the way. Many people who would be otherwise interested in crypto investment never get involved due to this hurdle. 

Using the MCT token, you can instantly access more than 70 different cryptocurrencies—and switch between them and fiat currencies in seconds. This makes it a much more feasible choice for beginners.

Better returns

It’s not exactly a little-known fact that it’s tough to get decent returns from the bank these days. It’s unlikely that you’ll beat inflation, never mind make a return on your funds. The alternative is investing in cryptocurrencies or traditional brokerages—but not everyone knows how to get involved. Again, the barriers to entry are high and the rules to the game are unclear.

The MyConstant token offers an easier way to get involved in some of our platform’s best opportunities. Instead of continuously transferring your money between different services, you can simply switch between different options as often as you’d like. Whether that means investing your US dollars to earn up to 7% or the 14% returns by lending your crypto.

You can even earn 20% more interest on our platform if you invest using the MCT token, and make money by staking MCT coin. Don’t say we’re not good to you.

Better access to borrowing

But we’re not just looking out for investors. Borrowers often face an even more difficult time when trying to work with banks; they might get rejected due to a poor credit history, even if their financial position has since improved.

At MyConstant, we thought there was a fairer way to do things, so we let you borrow from us using collateral instead of a credit check—something that also allows you to remain anonymous.

The MCT token makes everything even better by making the process easier, and it also provides a 20% reduction in borrowing fees.

More control

The crypto world is nothing if not complex—and the more you know what you’re doing, the more complicated it seems to get. You might be earning returns using products on multiple blockchain platforms, as well as holding various crypto wallets. How can you keep track of everything?

Finally, somewhere you can store and manage various cryptocurrencies in one place.
Finally, somewhere you can store and manage various cryptocurrencies in one place. (Source: Unsplash)

The MCT token makes this process easier by providing one center for everything, complete with a debit card you can use to spend your funds. You can also store your NFTs with us, so we really are a one-stop shop.

You’ll even have control over the MCT token as a whole and the infrastructure behind it. All MCT token holders can vote on policies, or even put their own proposals forward, which could determine new products or tools.

Earn NFTs with MyConstant

The MCT token might be the most recent addition to MyConstant, but it’s building on what we’ve been trying to create for all these years. That means we also provide a whole host of different useful features. 

For instance, we’ve launched our own NFT offering. We’re also giving out NFTs and guiding how you can score NFTs as rewards when you reach certain milestones.

We also have a range of cryptocurrency and USD products that help you take your crypto further and earn interest on crypto up to 14% APY,  or you can deposit your crypto in our multi-cryptocurrency wallet (and even earn interest on stablecoins).

Other benefits of our platform include:

  • 24/7 customer service.
  • Rates as low as 6%.
  • Early repayments for lower rates.
  • Instant matching.
  • Store and borrow against over 70+ different cryptocurrencies.

Sounds good? Sign up today and start investing MCT token

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