Blog News Making Our MCT Membership Better than Ever Before

Making Our MCT Membership Better than Ever Before

date June 7, 2022 time 2 min read 1503 views

It’s no secret that the market has experienced extreme volatility in recent weeks. Though market movements are to be expected in cryptocurrencies, there’s little doubt many of you will have felt some anxiety about what’s to come. At MyConstant, we’ve moved to improve our MCT membership program to help you achieve your financial goals.

MCT Membership Changes

We’ve made some big changes, and if you already have MCT membership – it’s worth paying close attention.

First of all, we’re changing the cap on which you can earn the maximum APY on your USDT or USDC (Between 12.5% – 15%). For most membership levels, it will be the same or even higher than before, with a $100,000 cap on Diamond membership (up from $20,000).  

Secondly, and this applies for all membership tiers—once you break past the cap, you’ll now earn 8% APY on your USDT or USDC—up from 4% APY previously. 

Here’s a table that explains it all:

#Membership TierCapInterestExceed CapPost-cap Interest
1Base0 – $5,00012.500%$5,000+8.0%
2Gold0 – $20,00013.125%$20,000+8.4%
3Platinum0 – $50,00013.750%$50,000+8.8%
4Diamond0 – $100,00015.000%$100,000+9.6%

Membership Thresholds

As well as changing the interest rates, we’ve also changed the membership thresholds. For example, the minimum requirement for Gold membership has increased from 1% of your holdings being in MCT to 3%. 

Here’s another table that sets it out clearly:

#Membership TierOriginal MCT ThresholdNew MCT Threshold
1BaseUp to 1%Up to 3%
2Gold1% to 5%3% to 7.5%
3Platinum5% to 15%7.5% to 15%
4Diamond15% and above15% and above

As you can see, the MCT membership thresholds have increased but are well within reach for you. The idea is to support continued investment on the platform so you can achieve your financial goals.

Evolving to Suit You Better

At MyConstant, we never stand still. The crypto market is volatile, and in the last few weeks, particularly so. Our challenge is to continually evolve to meet your needs – and with the MCT membership program, we’ve done just that.

By purchasing MCT, you’ll have access to one of the most rewarding memberships the crypto world has to offer. If you hold USDT or USDC, you will have the opportunity to earn up to 15% APY on up to $100,000. That’s a potential return of $15,000 in one year – just in interest alone. 

And even if you exceed your cap, you will still be earning at least 8% APY. If you have any other questions, then simply drop a line on our Live Chat or email: [email protected].

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