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Lucky Unicorn (L99) Review: an NFT Gaming To Earn Rewards

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The emergence of NFT games has piqued the curiosity of many people due to the interesting alterations in the roles of the players. This time, we’ll look at Lucky Unicorn (L99), which is an NFT game to earn rewards. Don’t pass it up!

You should understand the NFT meaning and how they work to answer are NFTs the future of ownership (and art), or just the latest fad destined to fade away in a few months? Lucky Unicorn is an NFT (non-fungible token) Gaming & NFT Trading platform where users may hatch eggs into various varieties of unicorns and use them to play a variety of minigames. 

The project’s fundamental principle is Play-to-Earn, which means that participants earn L99 by playing in on-chain games. The Lucky Unicorn token can be traded or used to improve the player’s unicorn. Lucky Unicorn also makes use of the Guild system, in which players can organize or join different guilds to engage in Guild events and activities. So, this might be one of the investment trends in 2022 for those who are interested in NFT games.

Lucky Unicorn token is a blockchain-based NFT gaming platform that allows players with little knowledge to dive into the blockchain world. (Source:

As a reward for their engagement, players are given in-game assets. These assets may include in-game resources such as gaming tools, armament, or cryptocurrency investment, as well as other in-game assets that can be tokenized on the blockchain and sold as NFTs for eventual conversion to cash. When combined with blockchain games, the Play-To-Earn business model has proven to be successful.

The L99 platform’s designer explained that popular games such as horse racing games, Pokémon, and many character development games inspired them to create this trading and gaming platform. You can use the Lucky Unicorn token to engage in unicorn-related activities such as gathering, nurturing, dueling, and exchanging unicorns.

How to play Lucky Unicorn?

Lucky Unicorn is a metaverse trading and combat game in which players can gather, fight, and trade unicorns. These unicorns are one of the NFT collections you should look out for with varying traits and abilities. Each Unicorn contains five ability markers: health, speed, recuperation, strength, and grass hunting performance. Each player will level up while rearing Unicorns and fighting other opponents to increase the Unicorn’s ability stats and collect the Lucky Unicorn token.

Unicorns require grass to maintain their combat abilities. To earn Grass, a player must either Play to Earn or Play Grass Hunting. When players have enough Grass, they can sell it in the marketplace to generate and gain L99 coins. Also, users can use the Lucky Unicorn Marketplace to buy a Unicorn from other gamers to avoid hatching eggs and raising ponies.

The more activities that gamers participate in, the more money they will earn! (Source:

Lucky Unicorn gamers do not need a large initial investment; with $200, they may begin playing and earning. Players have the chance to double their riches several times if they are fortunate enough to open rare PET eggs like Dragon and Unicorn.

How many gaming levels are there in Lucky Unicorn?

The designers of Lucky Unicorn provide three gaming levels. These are classified as Common, Rare, and Legendary. You can play with a variety of unicorn breeds on these levels, including ponies, dark brown horses, winged horses, short-legged unicorns, and iron horses.

You can customize your unicorns by selecting attributes such as tail color, name color, claws, wings, horns, and others from over 300 equipment sets and skins. You can design unique unicorns with distinctive features that will raise their market value when you want to sell them off thanks to the customization feature. When you utilize your unicorn to combat other players, you can earn the Lucky Unicorn token.

Lucky Unicorn allows players to earn L99 tokens, items, or other rewards by engaging in the game. (Source:

The Lucky Unicorn developers advise players who want to acquire tokens to go to their website’s Game Mechanism section. The Lucky Unicorn token can be used to participate in various battles such as 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5. If your team wins, you will receive the best amount. As a player plays more, the chances of winning a prize (L99 tokens) grow.

The L99 developers explained that the number of tokens gained is determined by the agreement reached among the opposing teams before starting the challenge. According to the Lucky Unicorn team, “Our objective is to bring NFTs closer to the public and assist people to have a positive perspective about the blockchain world as it is a future technology that everyone should be aware of”.

What is L99?

Lucky Unicorn Token is a digital currency with an L99 trading code. Token L99 is the native coin for optimizing GameFi and Metaverse experiences such as cheap gas fee, quick NFTs transaction processing speed, fast processing speed in-game, game coin exchange, usage for a gas fee to control expenses, etc.

L99 was first tradable on 21st Sep 2021. It has a total supply of 1 billion tokens while only 220,000,000 tokens are circulated through Private Sales to an exclusive group of invited parties and Public Sales, open to the general public through centralized exchanges. 

The founding team allocated the remaining tokens to other parts of the game while it locks 14% of the total Lucky Unicorn Token supply in a linear release contract. Participants in Private Sales earn 5% of the proceeds. Furthermore, 35% is allocated for in-game awards and gifts, 20% for the Liquidity Fund, 17% for the Public Sales round, and 3% for the Technology Development and Optimization Fund (Advisor Fund).

Lucky Unicorn Token is a digital currency with an L99 trading code. (Source:

The Private Sales have been divided into two alternatives by the team. Dedicated players who want to be a part of the project from the start and see it grow can choose the first option and acquire the Lucky Unicorn Token for 0.000016 BNB, while players who want to enjoy the games as soon as possible after launch can choose the second option and get the Lucky Unicorn Token for 0.00002.

L99 can be bought in the form of Swap on decentralized crypto exchanges, preferably with the pairs L99/BNB, L99/CAKE, L99/USDT, and L99/BUSD. Unlike the other major cryptocurrencies, L99 cannot be purchased using fiat currency. However, you can still easily buy this coin by first buying BNB from any fiat-to-crypto exchanges, which can then be exchanged for L99 on supported exchanges.

As of right now, L99 has a market capitalization of USD $38,282,191. The current price of L99 is $0.03832 and is ranked 3757 on Coinmarketcap.

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