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Just Coin (jst) Just Got Really Big. Here’s Why

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If you’re on top of the latest trends in the crypto world, you’ve probably heard about JUST coin. The JUST ecosystem is set to become a major player in the world of decentralized finance thanks to its sophisticated two-token system and connections with other crypto platforms. But what is JUST coin, and how can you get a hold of it? We’re going to walk you through it today.

JUST coin (JST) is the platform coin for the decentralized lending platform, JUST. With an ROI of more than 1,700%, since its launch, JST has become a rising star in the crypto world.

To help you understand the hype and the big ol’ JUST coin price tag, let’s talk about why JST got famous.

What is JUST Network?

The brainchild of crypto entrepreneur Justin Sun, (famous for his previous project, TRON) the Just Network is lauded as the “next generation of DeFi” for the TRON network (DeFi =Decentralized Finance). Due to the previous success of Sun’s original project, TRON, JUST coin  gained a lot of favorable media attention right off the bat.

Is JUST coin the next big thing?
Is JUST coin the next big thing? (source:

The JUST platform primarily powers a stablecoin called USDJ. USDJ boasts a 1:1 parity with the US dollar. 

Holders of TRX (the token of TRON) can get USDJ by using TRX as collateral for a USDJ loan. This lets TRON users get USD through the JUST network without selling their TRON.

How does JUST coin work?

JST is the platform coin incentivizing users to maintain the JUST network. JST is rewarded to users who help verify transactions on the network and provide liquidity on the Just Network. Holders of JST also participate in governing the network.

The more people that use USDJ and the JUST network, the more valuable  JUST coin becomes.

JUST coin is the asset incentivizing the entire JUST ecosystem (source:

JUST coin review — What you need to know

Now that you know what JUST coin is, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth the investment. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of JUST coin.

Pros of JUST coin

  • Smart contracts protect your assets, ensuring you can exchange tokens/coins and enjoy the benefits of price increases.
  • You can earn revenue by paying fees and maintaining the JUST platform, which generates USDJ.
  • There are hundreds of decentralized applications within the network..
  • Because it’s built on the successful TRON network, JUST already has an active network of holders and builders.

Cons of JUST coin

JST coin has been badly received by some crypto spectators because they believe its founder, Justin Sun, should focus on one platform instead of focusing on many.

  • You can’t earn JST by staking JST (although you can stake TRX for USDJ).
  • TRX holders and TRON users get the most benefits from JUST.
  • The two-coin system can be confusing
  • Some see JUST coin as a rip-off or copy of MakerDAO’s system, where DAI can be used as collateral to mint a token.

Now let’s talk about where you can get and store JST coin…

Where to store JUST coin

JST can be stored in most wallets that store TRX. During the launch of JST, users with a balance of over 100 TRX got a free JST airdrop.

Some examples of major wallets you can store JST in are Exodus wallet, Atomic wallet, or TRONLINK. You can also store JST on wallets on most major exchanges.

JST coin can be stored in most major Tron wallets as well as on exchanges like Binance
JST coin can be stored in most major Tron wallets as well as on exchanges like Binance (source:

Where to get JUST coin

JST can be acquired through two routes: either by “mining” on the JUST Network (rewarded for depositing, lending, providing liquidity) or by purchasing the coin on an exchange.

According to Coinmarketcap, JST can be found on most major exchanges like Binance, Huobi Global,, HBTC, and Upbit.

According to CoinGecko there is a current circulating supply of roughly 1.4 billion JST and a maximum supply of 9.9 billion.

There are growing number of ways to acquire JST online, and we have one that can help you get in on the action without trading in your crypto.

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Get JST at the best market prices on MyConstant
Get JST at the best market prices on MyConstant

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