Blog Affiliate Johnny Lee of Investment Bootcamp explains how he helps investors through our affiliate program

Johnny Lee of Investment Bootcamp explains how he helps investors through our affiliate program

date July 31, 2020 time 3 min read 999 views

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to affiliate programs. There are hundreds – if not thousands – out there. The best ones, however, are those that pay you for helping people, not just pushing a product. 

Just ask Johnny Lee, whose been a loyal affiliate since we launched our program back in April. As founder of Investment Bootcamp LLC, Johnny has dedicated his time to helping people grow their money – a mission we both share.

We caught up with Johnny to discuss how our affiliate program has helped his community become better investors. 

Let’s meet Johnny now…

Great to meet you, Johnny, and thanks for talking to us today. Why did you start Investment Bootcamp and how do you apply our affiliate program to your business?

What’s up MyConstant! Well I realized amongst my family and friends, many of them did not generally know how to invest so I began teaching them just to show them all of the vast amount of options that exist. So many individuals were asking for help so I created simple bootcamp workshops where folks could come and learn the basics of investing.

As you know, most folks want to invest but they’re frightened by what’s out there so they leave money in banks. But the banks unfortunately pay so little. It ends up feeling like a losing situation over time. By teaching investing, individuals learn of an alternative and many take advantage of it!

I think it is important to diversify your money into different areas such as stocks, real estate, alternative investments, and P2P is one of those. When I began using MyConstant’s platform, I felt like many would be also interested especially because the interest is monumentally higher than a High yield savings account. MyConstant presents another alternative where individuals can invest some of their funds and possibly boost their year over year performance.

I love presenting options and MyConstant’s platform is one of our favorites!

Glad to hear it! Many new investors have learnt about MyConstant through your workshops. Do you plan to spread the news on other channels as well? 

Yes I’ll be sharing more about MyConstant in video format on Instagram’s IGTV, Youtube and investing groups on Facebook!

Thank you, we look forward to it! Do you participate in any other affiliate programs? And, if so, how would you rate ours?

Yes I am in several affiliate programs and so far I love MyConstant’s program. I understand it’s a growing program as everything is so new and I’m looking forward to the improvements and incentives as I and others push to grow MyConstant’s user base!

You’re on top of your game now. If you could give folks one bit of advice about affiliate programs in general and ours specifically, what would it be?

You do not have to have a massive following to be a successful affiliate. I believe it’s more about clearly communicating the benefits of a product or service and let those things speak for themselves. Understand the model and really own it!

When it comes to MyConstant, just simply present the problem. A majority of individuals are barely getting 1% from their bank accounts. I think most people see that as a problem of their money not really working for them. Showing how constant can still keep things liquid in a 4% flex account is 300% better than a 1% yielding bank account! That’s awesome!

Passive income is one of the best income sources but many can’t find it! Be the solution!

Thanks, Johnny, for taking the time to share your experience.

If you like the sound of helping people grow their money, why not get paid for it? We pay you $20 for every US citizen you refer who signs up and deposits, as well as 20% of their Flex interest earnings. Submit your affiliate application now

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