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Try Instant Access Investment for Free with A $2,000 Trial

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Hey there,

Live in the US and new to MyConstant?

Give our P2P investment platform a try with a free $2,000 trial bonus. 

What? We’re giving you $2,000?!

Hmmmm… not quite. 

We’ll give you $2,000 for 30 days to try our anytime-withdrawal, Instant Access investment account. 

During those 30 days, you’ll earn interest at 4% APY, compounded and paid every second. 

You can sit back, relax, and watch your interest grow in real-time. 

Then, after the 30 days, we take back the $2,000 but you keep the interest!

It’s the perfect opportunity to try P2P investing without spending any of your own money. 

And the best part is you keep what you make!

How the $2,000 trial works

To qualify for the free trial, you need to be a US citizen who’s never used us before. 

You’ll also need to verify your identity (KYC) by submitting details such as an image of your passport or driving license and proof of address. 

Why we need to verify your ID (KYC)

KYC checks help protect you and the integrity of the platform, and are an important part of an AML/ATF (Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing) program set up in compliance with the US regulations. 

Prime Trust, an accredited US financial institution, conducts independent KYC checks on our behalf. Your data is securely stored and never disclosed to any party other than Prime Trust for the purpose of performing the KYC. For more information, review our AML Policy.

A step-by-step tutorial to get your $2,000 trial

Step #1 – Sign up and verify your email

Sign up to MyConstant and verify your email address (click the link in the email we send you). If you don’t see our email, please check your spam/junk folder. 

Step #2 – Submit your ID documents

Go to your settings and follow the instructions to verify your ID. For help, read How to verify your ID on MyConstant

We’re happy to walk you through this over the phone, so if you get stuck, book a call with us or call +1 646 809 8338 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri PST). 

Step #3 – Await ID verification

If everything looks okay, you’ll be verified in 3 business days. However, if we need some extra information, or there’s a problem, it might take a little longer for a manual review. Either way, we’ll email you as soon as you’ve been verified.

Step #4 – Get your $2,000 bonus!

Once you’ve been verified, your $2,000 bonus is paid instantly. It will remain in your account for 30 days earning 4% APY, compounded and paid every second. You can’t transfer or withdraw the $2,000 during the trial, nor can you use the $2,000 to invest in a fixed-term investment (our Crypto-backed product). 

Step #5 – Deposit, withdraw, or reinvest 

After 30 days, the $2,000 bonus will expire but you keep all the interest. 

The next step is to deposit some of your own money. We recommend a $100 deposit to start, and then you have several investment choices:

  • Leave your funds and free interest to grow in Instant Access. You’ll continue earning 4% APY, which you can withdraw anytime for free. When you’re more comfortable with our platform, you can invest a little more to multiply your earnings. 
  • If you want the best rates, try a fixed-term investment. You can choose between 1, 3, and 6-month terms and earn up to 7% APR. Our fixed-term investments are all backed by collateral, protecting your investment. 

Many of our customers choose to invest in rolling 30-day fixed-term investments. This mean they get a higher interest rate than our instant access account but still have access to their funds every month. 

Alternatively, you can also simply withdraw your free interest. 

Please note: your free interest expires after 90 days. To avoid this, you must deposit, withdraw, or reinvest within 90 days of the trial ending. 


What is the $2,000 trial bonus?

The $2,000 trial bonus is a way to experience investing on our platform without committing any of your own money. Instead, we credit your Instant Access account with a $2,000 bonus that you can watch grow at 4% APY, compounded and paid every second. Then, at the end of 30 days, we take back the $2,000 and you keep the interest, which you can then reinvest with some of your own money or withdraw to your bank account.

Why are you offering this bonus?

We understand that investing can be a little daunting at first – especially if you’ve never done it before. The bonus therefore gives you a taste for investing with us and will hopefully inspire you to continue investing with us for even bigger returns.

How do I get the bonus?

To qualify for the bonus, you must be a US citizen. Then, you simply sign up for a free Constant account, verify your ID (KYC), and your $2,000 bonus will be paid into your account immediately. You won’t be able to withdraw the bonus, and it’ll be debited from your account after 30 days, but you keep all the interest.

How do I verify my ID?

We have to verify your ID to comply with US Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations.

Once you’ve created an account, you’ll be asked to submit address and ID proof, so we can verify your ID and approve your account.

KYC verification is usually very fast, assuming you submit all relevant details and they’re clear, legible, and valid.

Here’s a tip sheet: How to verify your ID on MyConstant.

Can I withdraw the $2,000?

No, the $2,000 is locked into your Instant Access account for the 30 days. After 30 days, we take back the $2,000 but you keep the interest.

What happens after the trial?

Once we’ve taken back the $2,000, you keep the interest. It’s up to you what you’d like to do next. You can keep your interest in Instant Access earning 4% APY with anytime free withdrawals, or you can add some of your own money and reinvest in a crypto-backed loan for 7% APR (minimum investment is $50). You can also just withdraw it to your bank account. The choice is yours!

Important note: You must deposit, withdraw, or invest within 90 days of receiving your free interest otherwise it will expire.

How do I withdraw my interest?

After the 30 days is up, you can withdraw the interest on the $2,000 bonus. To do so, head to your Accounts page and click Withdraw to fiat. You can only withdraw in fiat and not in a digital currency such as a stablecoin.

Ready to start your free $2,000 trial investment? Head over to our Instant Access page now.

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