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Hungry Bear Crypto Review: Is It Facing A Tough Time?

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As a community-powered project, hungry bear crypto price is anticipated to soar in the future. But others argue that hungry bear crypto is a bad long-term investment. Let’s jump in if you want to know whether the hungry bear coin is worth investing in or not.

Should we invest in hungry bear crypto, which is still a young project?
Should we invest in hungry bear crypto, which is still a young project? (Source: Pixabay)

The hungry bear coin is driven and supported by its community, which leads to the belief of its bullish price in the future. However, other independent investors think that hungry bear’s crypto price can be easily manipulated due to its low market cap. If you are confused with these two opinions, here is essential information you need to know about hungry bear crypto and its future potential. 

What is hungry bear crypto?

Every project is created with a unique mission and vision to survive and dominate the competitive market. The hungry bear coin is not an exception- it was launched in early April 2021 by a team based in Canada to end world hunger.  

Hungry bear crypto has been considered a charity token towards the Children’s Hospital and the Grizzly Bear Foundation. In addition to the charity aspects, the team is working on their charting app and decentralized exchanges and dex that will be a way better version of both poocoin and pancake swap.

The hungry bear coin has been listed on some crypto exchanges; however, you can not directly trade with fiat money like other next cryptocurrency to explode 2022. Instead, you can purchase this coin by first buying USDT from any fiat-to-crypto exchanges and then transferring to the exchange that offers to trade it.

How can we buy hungry bear crypto?
How can we buy hungry bear crypto? (Source: Pixabay)

If you do not know how to buy hungry bear coin, take the main following steps:

  1. Register on Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange: You will have to buy one of the cryptocurrencies like USDT, and then select a commonly-used fiat-to-crypto exchange that suits you best.
  2. Buy USDT with fiat money: After finishing the KYC process, you need to add a payment method to make the crypto purchase.
  3. Transfer USDT to an Altcoin Exchange: Select altcoin and then transfer your USDT to an exchange that allows you to trade hungry bear crypto.
  4. Deposit USDT to exchange: You will have full access to your exchange wallet after going through another KYC process that might take you from 30 minutes to a few days maximum. Then click on the exchange, proceed to the next steps to make sure your deposits are sent to your exchange wallets. Now you can be ready to purchase hungry bear coins.
  5. Trade hungry bear crypto:  you need to ensure “USDT” is selected as you are trading USDT to the altcoin pair, and after having confirmed everything, congratulations! You have bought hungry bear crypto successfully.

What is the Hungry Bear protocol?

Once you buy hungry bear crypto, two functions will occur simultaneously: reflection and burn. For every trade, an 8% tax of transaction is divided into the “dead” wallet and all current holders of hungry bear with 5% and 3% respectively. 

The amount of redistributed tokens depends on the volume being traded. For those who hold hungry bear crypto in their wallet, this deters a downward sales pressure by early adopters with a mindset to enter and get out quickly. Furthermore, it rewards investors who buy and hold hungry bear coins based on the total amount of tokens in their wallets.

In terms of security, they audited Hungry Bear to make sure that the smart contract functions as intended and determine any potential security issues with the smart contract. 

The technical audit of the smart chain contract was performed by TechRate. It is a team of engineers and analysts specializing in blockchain technology and business analytics. They began as an audit development firm then expanded the scope of their business to the analytics, security, and technical valuations of products. 

After being audited by TechRate, there are no high or medium severity issues in the smart chain contract. So you can believe in the security of the Hungry Bear market.

How much is hungry bear crypto now?

Are you aiming to invest in crypto long term if you plan to turn $1000 into $10000? Let’s start with the basics and pay attention to the supply and market capitalization of hungry bear crypto. Up to now, both are still not available, which makes it rank 6379 in the most valuable coins list. According to CoinMarketCap, the live hungry bear price on 13th December 2021 is $3.04e-9 with a 24-hour trading volume of $2,509.02. 

Technical analysis shows that the current hungry bear sentiment is bearish. The hungry bear market is also facing a tough time getting on board with other cryptocurrencies. The price of the hungry bear coin has decreased by 3.88% in the last 24 hours. 

While thinking about compound interest investments by investing in cryptocurrencies, it’s also worth pointing out that you need to get your timing right and suitable term. This coin is currently not a profitable asset in the short term, but with fundamentals, we believe that the hungry bear market will be more positive and might be bullish in the long.

Some analysts are bearish on hungry bear’s prospects, but should you follow suit? (Source: Hungry Bear)

Hungry bear crypto price prediction

Is hungry bear crypto a new investment trend in the crypto world? Many experts, analysts, and financial advisors believe that hungry bear is a profitable investment for a long time rather than short term. According to “Tech News Leader” – one of the oldest and most authoritative tech news sites provide news of the cryptocurrency and blockchain world, due to the efforts of the network developers and community investors, the price of the hungry bear market is anticipated to be bullish and may reach $0.00000001 by the end of 2022.

Hungry bear has a positive correlation with top traded cryptocurrencies such as Terra (LUNA), Metahero (HERO), MobileCoin (MOB), Binance Coin (BNB), and Elrond eGold (EGLD) that means these coins commonly trend in the same direction at the same time. 

If you are diving into other price predictions such as compound coin price prediction or safemoon price prediction 2022, you may know that Cryptocurrencies are volatile. But based on historical data, the hungry bear market is expected to enter a new age that its price will soar in the next five years as this coin attracts much attention. If the market experiences a good bull run in 2024, hungry bear crypto’s average price will be around $0.00000001, even cross $0.00000002. 

Once more investors know the huge potential with collaborations and innovations of hungry bear crypto, the price of hungry bear crypto can skyrocket and peak at $0.00000005 in 2027. 

According to Tech News Leader, the price of hungry bear will possibly surpass a minimum price of $0.00000014 and a maximum of $0.00000017 within the next 8 to 10 years.

Technological innovations and trends show that the hungry bear price could head over the long term.
Technological innovations and trends show that the hungry bear price could head over the long term. (Source: Pixabay)

Since its launch, hungry bear has evolved in several sectors. As many regulators have approved the coin, and a team of specialist developers behind the project is working hard to upgrade and promote it, we can believe in the potential return of hungry bear in the future.

The returns or losses of the hungry bear project depend on high market risks, so so take time to explore how to invest your cryptocurrency to earn even more and make your investments cautiously as no one will be responsible for any of your investment losses, except you. The price prediction outlined above only skims the surface of what there is to know about crypto- but hopefully, it’s helped you formulate your crypto investment strategy

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