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How We Protect Your Money and Collateral

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We’re slowly adding new technologies and custodial partners to our system to reduce the need for trust and give you peace of mind. However, MyConstant is not a completely trustless platform yet. Sometimes we need to handle assets on your behalf.

If you’re new to MyConstant, or simply want some reassurance, please read on to find out how we protect your money and collateral while doing business on our platform. 

How we protect your money online


You choose how we handle your deposits. You can either invest them in instant-access investment; our secured lending pool, or escrow them with Prime Trust, an accredited US custodian. 

Instant access pays you 4% APY for pooling your deposits in a lending pool. Liquid collateral from borrowers protects your money, and you get unlimited free withdrawals.

Prime Trust, on the other hand, is a financial institution specializing in escrow services. Escrowed funds don’t earn interest, but they’re protected by a $130 million dollar insurance policy.   


Once you match with a borrower, your money goes straight to their MyConstant account. Your investment is then backed by the collateral they put up to secure the loan. If they default, or their collateral falls too much in value, we sell the collateral to repay you. 

Since your investment is backed by collateral, we perform due diligence on every cryptocurrency before adding it to our platform. Volatility is a feature of the digital currency market so we must mitigate that as well as ensure the collateral is liquid enough to sell when necessary. 

We do this in several ways:

  • We only accept cryptocurrencies that have passed liquidity, trading volume, and technological assessments. This ensures only promising projects get through the door. 
  • We cap our cryptocurrency exposure to 10% of daily trading volume. This prevents us from triggering a mass sell-off which may affect our ability to sell the collateral. 
  • Borrowers must stake up to 150% of the loan amount in cryptocurrency. If the value falls to 110% of your principal and earned profit, it’s sold to repay you.
  • We’ve introduced auto top-up allowing borrowers to preload their accounts with extra collateral. If the price drops, their loan is topped up, avoiding a sale and loss of interest. 
  • We regularly review cryptocurrency projects to identify risk factors. If a cryptocurrency falls below our standards, we can remove it or adjust the LTV ratio accordingly.

Like all investing, there is always an element of risk. The primary one for you as an investor is whether we can sell collateral if the price crashes or borrowers default. With these measures, we believe we can confidently sell collateral in all but the most extreme circumstances.

How we protect your collateral

As mentioned above, we currently use Prime Trust to escrow your funds when Instant Access is disabled. But when it comes to the collateral you send when placing a borrow order, things are a little different. 

When you borrow on MyConstant, 30% of your crypto collateral is stored in a third party wallet — ready to be liquidated in case your collateral falls below the 110% threshold or if you recall excess collateral.

The remaining 70% of your crypto is stored in MyConstant hot wallets hosted on a dedicated server that’s insured up to $10 million dollars. Only qualified senior staff members have access to these wallets. Occasionally we’ll move collateral to cold storage, but it depends on the loan term and other operational factors. 

The key thing is balancing security with fast access to your collateral. We don’t want you waiting to get your collateral after repaying. In the same vein, if you default or your collateral falls too much in value, we need fast access to initiate a sale so we can repay your investor. 

Still unsure? 

It’s said that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. So far, the measures we’ve taken have prevented any losses for investors or borrowers. That’s not to say the measures are bulletproof, but that the risk of loss is small. 

We’ve built up a great reputation among our customers for being timely and helpful, which reflects in our testimonials and reviews. What you care about, we care about. We’ve used traditional banking services – still do for some things – so we know how bad they can be. 

At the same time, we’re aware the conventional banking system is familiar. Leaving it, especially for the first time, is hard. We try to make that transition simple for you through the protections outlined above and in explaining how our system works. 

Transparency creates trust but it also educates. And when you know how something works, it’s easier to become a part of it. You’ll find us very talkative. Drop us a line and we’ll help you get the best out of our platform. Or, browse our growing content library to learn on your own time.

However you choose to use MyConstant, rest assured we do everything in our power to give you a secure environment in which to do business. The rewards, we believe, are worth it.

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Chris Roper

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Is it risky to advertise exactly who at MyConstant has access to the hot wallets? Doesn’t that open us all (and them) up to the risk of threats/intimidation/violence to access those wallets and transfer the crypto out?

MyConstant Blog

Hi Brendan. Only our CEO and Head of Finance are granted access to those hot wallets. Only one of them has the wallet addresses and the other has the private keys. Thus, those wallets are safe thanks to these 2 layers of security.


Can you link the Github to your smart contract code please?

Last edited 1 year ago by Kaven
MyConstant Blog

Hi Karen. I’m sorry that our code is set to private already then I can’t give you a link. It was public before, but now it is only available for our third-party auditor.

Quamaine Z Whitlow

Yea i think I will need help on a lil guidance cuz I’m first starting this and dont wanna try to learn on my own when I dont know how this site works at all

MyConstant Blog

Hey Quamaine, no problem at all. feel free to call our customer service team to schedule an appointment or send us an email or DM on Facebook if you have any questions. We have 24/7 customer service available to help if you need anything like walkthroughs etc.

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