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How to Wire Money from Capital One to MyConstant

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Despite the ease of mobile payments apps on your phone, bank wire transfers are still the quickest way to send large amounts of money.

And while Capital One does charge you $30 for an outgoing wire, we credit you $15 for every wire you make that’s over $1,000. 

But before you log onto your Capital One account, you need to enter your deposit amount on your MyConstant account. 

Make your deposit on MyConstant first 

  1. Log onto MyConstant and click Deposit USD
  1. Once you click Deposit USD, you can enter the amount of money that you’re going to wire from Chase and click Start growing. The amount you enter here must match the amount that you enter in your Capital One account. If the numbers don’t match, Prime Trust will send the money back to your Capital One account in 5 business days. 
  1. After you do that and click done, your MyConstant wire receipt will appear with all the information you’ll need to make your wire transfer on Capital One. 
MyConstant wire receipt

Important! The reference number that’s circled in red is unique to each account and wire transfer. It’s extremely important that you save that number because it lets Prime Trust know who they’re sending the money to on MyConstant. 

Now that you have the information above, you can create your wire transfer through on Capital One. 

Initiating a wire transfer with Capital One

Unfortunately, screenshots of this process don’t exist online, but the information below is what you need to enter when initiating the transfer on Capital One. 

When you sign onto Capital One, you need to go to Accounts Services and click Wire Transfers.

All the information you need to complete this section located on the MyConstant wire receipt and below. 

The information you need to provide is split into two parts: Prime Trust and Prime Trust’s bank. 

Prime Trust’s information 

Prime Trust, LCC. 

330 South Rampart Blvd. 

Suite 260 Summerlin, NV 89145.

Account number: 1503666162

Routing number: 026013576

Prime Trust’s bank

Signature Bank 

565 Fifth Avenue, 

New York, NY 10017, 92618

When you’re completing this information there will be a box at the bottom that says Message, Note or Additional information. This is where you’ll enter your Reference Number from your MyConstant wire receipt. 

Before you click Submit, you should review the wire information to make sure it’s correct. 

After you submit the wire, snap a photo or scan the Capital One wire receipt along with your MyConstant reference number and send it to [email protected]. This way we can make sure your funds get to your account smoothly. A wire transfer usually takes 1 to 2 business days to process, and another business hour to appear in your balance.   

Your final wire checklist: 

  • Make sure the wire amount you enter on MyConstant matches the one you make on Capital One. 
  • Include your MyConstant Reference Number in the Description section of your Capital One transfer.  
  • Email your completed Capital One transfer along with your MyConstant reference number to [email protected]

Making your money work harder for you 

That was a lot to get through — I know. But when banks like Capital One give you 0.10% APY in a savings account or a maximum 3.00% in a  five year certificate of deposit, it’s no surprise that you’ve chosen us over them.   

When you transfer money to MyConstant, the choice is yours: put it in a fixed-term loan where it can earn up to 7% APR, or leave it in instant access where it accrues 4% APY. Either way, your interest rate with us will consistently beat your bank. 

If you have more questions about wiring money, it’s best that you contact Capital One directly via their US customer service number: 1-877-383-4802. Or check out their FAQ page

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