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How to Wire Money from Ally to MyConstant

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Ally is an online bank that offers above-average interest rates.

That said, above-average is still just 0.5% (not a particularly generous return). 

You might, therefore, be looking to invest your money with MyConstant for a much larger return of up to 7% APR.

To get started, however, you need to add USD to your MyConstant account. 

We support wire transfers only for deposits so please follow the instructions below to start your investment with us. 

Step #1 Create your deposit or investment order

The first step is to create your investment or deposit order. 

In this example, let’s assume you’re sending $1,000 to your instant-access investment account. 

You’ll earn 4% APY on this and be able to withdraw your funds anytime for free. 

As an extra bonus, when you send $1,000 or more, we’ll also credit you $15 towards the cost of the wire fee (Ally charges $20). 

Head to our investment page:

Enter the amount you want to send and then select “Instant access” (the blue square on the right-hand side pictured above). Finally, click “Invest now”.

You’ll then see the screen below. Don’t navigate away from this screen as you’ll need these bank details for wiring your money. If you do close the screen, don’t worry, you’ll also have these details emailed to you.  

Step #2 Log into your Ally online banking account

The next step is to log onto your online banking with Ally. 

Enter your online banking credentials using the fields above. The same applies if you use the Ally mobile banking app. 

Once you’re logged in, go to this page if on desktop:

If you’re on mobile, tap transfers from your menu and follow the instructions (pictured below).

Step #3 Complete the wire transfer form

On mobile or desktop, you’ll now see a list of fields to fill in. Copy the wire details from MyConstant (from the screen or email) into the Ally wire form. 

Please take extra care to include our reference code so we can match your deposit to your MyConstant account. 

Your deposit reference is unique to you and the transaction. 

Once you’ve filled out the details and confirmed your wire with Ally, your funds will reach your MyConstant account in 2-3 business days. 

If you transfer over $1,000, you’ll also receive the $15 wire fee credit into your account, which takes the sting out of Ally’s charge.

If you don’t have online banking and would prefer to fax or email your wire request to Ally, you can do so by printing this form and faxing it to Ally on 1-866-608-2635. Ensure you include the reference!

And that’s it! Please let us know if you need any help with your deposit. 

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