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How to Play NFT Games and Earn More Money

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Crypto games with the play-to-earn model, especially NFT games, have become well-known since the Covid lockdowns in 2019. People are keen to play-to-earn NFT games because they can create money from what game players love to do. 

Digital items that appeared in some games such as cards, lands, etc. are called NFT and allowed to trade by NFT currencies or real-money exchange. Besides, players can earn money by doing some related jobs such as gaming influencers, game consulting roles, NFT game community lead, and merchandise sales from the game. Below are highlights of the most popular ways to play NFT games that can make you earn money as well as the three popular cryptos NFT games in 2022.

  1. NFT and NFT Game 
  • What is NFT?

NFT is a digital asset standing for non-fungible tokens. This platform illustrates real-world objects or values such as music, in-game items, artwork, moments etc. Typically, those assets are encoded in blockchain platforms sold and bought online by cryptocurrency. 

The proof of ownership along with the authentication is one of the most unique functions of NFT items. Based on this feature, more and more game developers have implemented and created NFT games that let users earn money by trading through NFT currencies.

  • What is NFT Game? 

NFT game combines digital game design, NFT mechanisms, player interactions and rules. For example, you can collect, store and swap your item in-game with other players.

Normally, the term “NFT game” is usually related to the play-to-earn game when it allows users to earn income while playing which will be further discussed in the next part of this article. NFT games are different from the conventional online game when all the items are legally traded and controlled under the protection and regulations of the third party (trading companies). Furthermore, users can solely trade their items’ ownership without selling their accounts. 

Besides, the uniqueness and security of NFT in general, and NFT items also encourage people to try this new model. In particular, the Smart Contract system ensures each NFT in-game item is unique and cannot be copied. 

  1. How to Play NFT Games and Earn Money

Normally, NFT game players are powerful and get profit from their in-game assets or items. Additionally, users are allowed to rent NFT characters out for profit, to staking tokens due to the easy and verified transaction. Besides selling items from the NFT game, players can earn money by doing some related jobs such as gaming influencers, game consulting roles, NFT game community lead, and merchandise sales from the game. Here are some specific guides on how to play NFT games to generate income flow.

  • Earning in-game tokens or items:

In the play-to-earn NFT games, users would get rewarded with tokens. In particular, after passing a game level, players would receive a reward token that can be exchanged for real-world money. 

Additionally, players can sell their special game accessories, game property or the utilities that they get for free or a lesser amount in-game. For instance,  the God Unchained game gives the players the ownership of their in-game which represent their skills and special power. Accordingly, the attribution to the value of the in-game assets is scarcity. The rarer the NFT items, the more value you trade. In fact, there are not any standards for the NFT in-game value, it basically depends on the storyline and gaming concept. 

However, one should also note that most of these games require an upfront investment to guarantee before you start to make money. 

  • Gaming Influencer or  game streamer 

Many top NFT gamers earned a huge amount of income when they decided to online stream in order to analyse the game and teach the audience how to play NFT games, and the strategies to win the battle in strategic ways. Those game influencers earn money on their Youtube channel and Twitter Handle with the content related to the crypto games such as Illuvium or Axie Infinity. 

Alex Becker’s Channel with more than 1.3 million subscribers with the solely content on crypto gaming. Source: Alex Becker’s Channel

  • Game consulting and testing roles 

Most of the NFT gaming companies are hiring people who share experience and feedback regarding games for the development and improvement of their products. Thus, you can both earn money from games and from another game developing company. 

  • NFT Game community leader

Besides its uniqueness, NFT is also famous for its active community. Building a community to share and trade information can also earn you an amount. For example, you can get affiliation and association with trading companies (Binance, OpenSea etc) to advertise and introduce your audience. Furthermore, you can also sell the game merchandise as NFT products or physical such as digital cards, shirts, physical game items for decoration, etc.

  1. Top NFT Games 2022

Although having the same mechanism for making NFT currency, each game is built with different characteristics and preferences. Here are the top NFT games that you can find to earn money in 2022. 

  • Axie Infinity 

A battle between monsters (Axie) with different powers and items. Source: NFTs Street

Generally, players would buy three monsters called Axie as a base against each other, using their traits and power to move and fight with the enemy. This is the most popular pay-to-earn game in the NFT world with over 2.8 million active users every day by the exclusive storyline. 

During the game, players can use Axie tokens, called AXS, to purchase exclusive in-game items to expand the gaming ecosystem or enhance the experience. Furthermore, Users will earn income flow when they win the battle and earn the ‘Smooth love potion’  to be sold for AXS tokens or for cash. At the time of writing this article, 1 SLP is $0.0043 according to CoinMarketcap. 

  • Decentraland 

Decentraland virtual world but has real trading value. Source: Decentraland

Decentraland is a virtual reality game that allows the player to build, determine and control their 3D world by buying lands, and making their own rules and policies. Decentraland is not only an online game but also a virtual universe for you to make money. 

Particularly, you can play a role in working for a company and receiving salary, creating art and selling them. Furthermore, you can be a freelancer in 3D modeling, marketing, coding and creating artworks in its Community Discord. The most common activity in Decentraland is using MANA to purchase land or real-world assets. At the time of writing this article, 1 MANA is $0.84 from the Coinbase.  

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