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How to Set Up 2-factor Authentication on MyConstant

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Hackers are always hunting for new ways to compromise poorly protected user data and they grow more tech-savvy every year.

At MyConstant, we do everything we can to shield your money and data. However, there is little we can do if a hacker figures out your login details. That’s why, for your protection, we require all customers to register for two-factor authentication (2FA) on our platform.

2FA is one of the top tools organizations use today to combat cyber theft. 2FA forces you to remotely log into your accounts from another device (usually a cell phone). It adds an extra layer between hackers and your data and making it that much harder for criminals to steal your funds.

*Side note: If you want a more in-depth explanation of 2FA and why it’s so important, check out this article from Trevor.

Setting up 2FA is a relatively simple process:

Trevor breaks down the 2FA process

1. Download the Google Authenticator app from the app store or a trusted third-party app like Authy

If you don’t have a phone with app compatibility, don’t worry. You can also download an authenticator off of the Google store to a Google Chrome browser.


2. Go to your Account page

For PC users


Click on the Account button in the top right corner and then click on the bar on top with your name.

Next, click on the Account Security tab under the About You heading.


For mobile users

Go to your Account page and click Security.


You will then be taken to the About You page. At the top, click on the Account security link.


3. Activate Google 2FA by clicking the switch on the page

You should see the below switch on your screen. Click it to turn 2FA on.


4. You will now be presented with a QR code and a number code. Save it to your 2FA app

You can scan the QR code with the scanner inside your 2FA app or copy/paste the code into the app. On Google 2FA just click on the big plus sign in the bottom right corner to get going.
Your account is now registered.

5. Save your Verification key code

Now for the most important step:

On the MyConstant page, you will see a message prompting you to save a long 2FA access key code on paper.

This code can be used to log into your account if you are unable to access your Google authentication app. If you lose this code you may be unable to access your account later.

Please be sure you put this code somewhere secure where you will not lose it. Better yet, store it in multiple places.

Some ways you can store your key code:

  • Use a third-party app like Authy that lets you back up your keys to the cloud in a password-locked account.
  • Place your keys in a password-protected Excel file or other trustworthy desktop application.
  • Take the old-fashioned route and write it down (just remember to store it in a place where you won’t forget it!)
  • Get creative: There are many ways to store keys online. Check out some forums on the topic.

6. Log in with 2FA

When you next log into MyConstant, you will be prompted to enter a code before you can get into your account. Simply log onto your Google Authenticator app and copy the 6-digit code to get in.

That’s it. You are now registered for 2FA and a lot more secure for it. Happy lending!

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