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Fetch (fet) Coin Review: A Smart Investment in 2021?

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By combining the innovative power of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, – fet coin has devised a decentralized and autonomous way of optimizing our daily lives. Continue reading for a more comprehensive analysis of the workings of and its native token, FET. combines AI, machine learning, and blockchain to improve traditional systems – fet coin combines AI, machine learning, and blockchain to improve traditional systems (source:

Thanks to its high-profile partnerships and its innovative approach to smart blockchain solutions, has emerged in 2021 as a promising project in the crypto world.

Strategic integrations with DeFi platforms have helped position the ecosystem, including its native token, coin (fet coin), for explosive growth.

In this Fetch ai coin coin review, we’ll unravel this project and explore the factors responsible for its rise in the market in 2021.

What is is a blockchain protocol designed to help with machine learning. The team explains on their website that they believe a majority of industries run on inefficient, centralized systems that are unable to assess and correct themselves. These often put a cap on productivity and result in needless expenses.

With this in mind, created open-source AI and machine learning services on the blockchain that can evolve with complex tasks in a wide array of industries, including the healthcare sector and the mobility industry. They believe possible use cases could include smart cities, automated parking systems, energy distribution, pricing solutions, and much more.

How does work?

The consists of 6 major elements that combine to enable a decentralized smart solution accessible globally.

  1. Autonomous Economic Agents (AEA)

Autonomous Economic Agents are your AI’s on the ecosystem. They act on the data you input to independently execute tasks to achieve predefined goals. The entire ecosystem is built to house and nurture these AI-enabled nodes.

  1. Agent Registry 

The Agent Registry is an app store where you can access components to build and train your AEA’s. You can customize skills, select protocols, or even adapt existing templates to build a functioning AI to perform whatever task you want to accomplish. 

  1. Agent Framework

This is a development suite built with the Python programming language. The framework offers all the tools required to build and run agents on 

  1. Agent Metropolis

This is a collection of smart contracts that record the communication and agreements between agents on It also provides essential services that materialize the real-world applications of agents.

  1. Simple Open Economic Framework (SOEF)

SOEF is a search and discovery service that allows AI’s to discover other AI’s and describe what they do. With this, you can explore the Fetch ai coin metaverse and discover the functionalities of existing agents so you don’t need to build yours from scratch. recently launched this service on its website and via an iOS app.

  1. blockchain uses the Cosmos software development Kit (SDK) to build its blockchain infrastructure. This makes it possible to run agents on other blockchains, including Ethereum and Binance Chain.

What is coin?

At the heart of’s autonomous economy is FET. The coin is an important component of the network’s governance and validation systems. 

The mainnet supports a staking-based validation and consensus mechanism generating up to 10% APY to stakers. You must also stake fet coin to use the Agent Framework and Agent Registry and pay a modest amount of FET to access the platform’s machine learning utilities and train your agent. 

You automatically receive voting rights on when you hold fet coin since

What is’s price history?

FET has performed well against the price of BTC
FET coin has performed well against the price of BTC (source:

Early investors have generated 702% ROI from investing in According to Coingecko, the price of Fetch ai coin debuted at $0.35 following its launch in February 2019 on the Binance Launchpad. In May 2019, it crashed by 400% from its initial price.

However, it later rebounded momentarily up 200% in the same month, only for it to hover below the $0.1 price mark for the remainder of 2019 and the better part of 2020. 

The only notable price rally recorded in 2020 was in August 2020 when the price of FET coin surpassed $0.1 for the first time in a year. FET coin experienced an unprecedented 1,300% price rally in the first 10 weeks of 2021 on the tail of BTC. It went on to set a new all-time high of $0.74 after the team announced that they will launch Fetch ai coin’s mainnet version 2.0 by the end of March 2020.

FET coin has a maximum supply of 1.15 billion tokens.

Is a good investment?

From the recent achievements recorded by the team, it’s clear that the project is intentional about partnerships and developments.

Recently, partnered with German engineering and technology company, Bosch, to develop a Web 3.0 solution. In March 2020, Fireblock revealed that it now offers custodial services to FET coin holders. promises to bring AI to DeFi, which plays into the current value of FET. promises to bring AI to DeFi, which plays into the current value of fet coin (source:

Also, fet coin came under the spotlight after its spinoff, the Mettalex (MTLX) project, announced that it had launched a decentralized exchange solution for commodities. This initiative is the first DeFi implementation on the ecosystem. then gave FET coin holders the opportunity to staking their FET coin for 3 months with interest paid in MTLX tokens. These developments have attracted as much as $5 million in institutional investment.

For to retain its status, it must continue to deliver on the promise that AI, machine learning, and blockchain can combine to great effect. coin as an investment option 

Staking remains the most stable investment option for fet coin holders. You can receive up to 10% APY when you lock your coins on the blockchain. While fet coin has impressed in 2021 and generated significant returns to holders, it has a lot of volatility for a long hold.

Where can you buy FET?

Having featured on Binance Launchpad, Binance Exchange remains the most active fet coin market. Other exchanges that support FET coin include Kucoin, Korbit, and Bitfinex. You can also trade fet coin on Uniswap directly from your coin wallet without intermediaries. 

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