Blog News A Pooch Is Loose on MyConstant!

A Pooch Is Loose on MyConstant!

date December 21, 2020 time 3 min read 748 views

Okay, it’s not a real pooch. But your new virtual pet is fun to play with and helps you support terrific causes. 

Giving makes us all feel good — especially during the holiday season. This is why we’re introducing a new game allowing you to donate to a charity simply by using our platform

The goal of the game is to feed your dog until he or she produces a gold coin to donate to a charity. It’s fun, easy and is a great way to give back to your community. 

*Just remember, the gold coins you collect can ONLY be used to donate in the Feed & Give game — nowhere else.

Here’s how you play

Sign onto the MyConstant app and you’ll see a dog icon that says Feed & Give. 

Feed & Give

When you click on the dog icon you come to the game’s main page.

In order for your dog to produce a gold coin you need to feed the dog until it’s full. There are two ways to do this: Use your Flex account balance to buy food or complete one of the missions below: 

  • Deposit money into your MyConstant account — 1.5 lbs of food/deposit
  • Invest in a loan — 1.5 lbs of food/investment order
  • Place a borrow order — 1 lb/borrow order, limit 3 times per week
  • Transfer money — 0.5 lbs/transfer, limit 1 time per week
  • Invite friends and family to play — 0.5 lbs/invitation
  • Share the game on social media — 1 lb/shared link 
  • Daily check-in— 0.5 lbs/check-in (one time per day)

Depending on which mission you take, a certain amount of food will be added to the dog bowl.

Each batch of food takes 3 to 5 hours for the dog to eat depending on the level of your dog.

Once your dog eats all of its food, he or she will produce a gold coin worth 60 cents. When that happens, the coin will be added to your Coin balance and you can immediately click Donate and make a donation.   

*Note: your money is not directly sent to a charity. Once a charity’s fund is full, MyConstant will initiate the final transfer. 

Donate to The Center for Disaster Philanthropy

You can invite your friends to play too 

You can make friends in the game and visit their dog as well.  

To do this, search their MyConstant email address, send a request, and wait to be accepted. Your friends can even help feed your dog if you’re not as active on the site. 

Search for friends by entering their email

You can also check how many coins your friends and other players have earned in the Golden ranking.


The Golden ranking

Donate to charities that are making a difference 

When you click Donate you’ll be giving your funds to The Center for Disaster Philanthropy. This charity is a Covid-19 response fund that helps communities that are hardest hit by the pandemic. They supply PPE, medicine and food for those who are out of work.

Don’t wait! Start playing today and make a positive change in your neighbors’ lives. If you have any questions about Feed & Give, send an email to [email protected] or give us a call. Have fun!

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Trevor Kraus

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