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Earn 4% Apy on Your Btc, Eth, and Bnb with MyConstant’s Crypto Lend

date May 28, 2020 time 2 min read 2514 views

Tired of watching your crypto value bounce up and down in your wallet? Want to see your balance increase by the second? Now you can with MyConstant’s Crypto Lend.

Crypto Lend pays you 4% APY, compounded and paid every second, with no strings attached. We use your coins to provide liquidity for our DEX (decentralized exchange) partners in return for a generous cut of their transaction fees.

Also, when people trade or swap their cryptocurrencies, you earn a cut of the trading fees. Incognito, our primary exchange partner, has agreed to pay 7% APR in its native privacy token, PRV.

Invest your idle cryptocurrencies and get up to 7% APR

Provide liquidity? What does that mean?

Liquidity providers are a necessary part of DEX operations.

Say you go to an exchange and want to use ETH to buy BTC. But maybe there isn’t enough BTC in the exchange to supply your trade. No one wants to wait around in limbo for their order to be filled. This is where a liquidity pool comes in handy.

For a DEX to autonomously swap funds quickly and efficiently, they tap into pools of crypto (liquidity pools) already stored in their system to match transactions. These are filled by “liquidity providers” (you) who get a cut of their transaction fees in return.

How it works on our end

When you submit your coins to Crypto Lend we’ll automatically distribute them among our DEX partners. All interest earned on transactions is sent directly to your balance and updated every second.

There’s no lock-up periods or extra fees (besides network costs for sending your crypto to us). And you can withdraw your crypto anytime.

Why don’t you head over to our website and have a look?


How do you protect my crypto?

We only work with close, trusted partners such as privacy blockchain, Incognito.

Which DEX and swapping platforms are you working with?

Incognito is one of our favorite blockchain initiatives and will be our primary partner for Crypto Lend. We may also lend to a small number of other exchanges.

Is this a type of staking?

No, you’re providing liquidity to a DEX. There is no lock-up period and you can withdraw at any time, instantly, and without fees.

How fast are withdrawals?

Withdrawals are instant (well, as fast as the blockchain processes them).

Are there any limits on investments?

You can invest a maximum 5 BTC. We have a platform limit of 100 BTC (or equivalent) for each supported cryptocurrency.

How is interest calculated and paid?

Interest is compounded and paid every second in your invested cryptocurrency.

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