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End Your Investment Term Early with Our New Secondary Market

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It can be daunting locking your money away in a fixed term investment. Yes they offer the best returns, but life can hit us with unexpected expenses that derail our investment plans.

We want you to enjoy utmost flexibility on our platform, so from today, you can sell your investment in our secondary market. Once sold, you get your principal back and 2% APR on elapsed time – meaning you never need to worry about locked-in terms again. Read on for a definition of our secondary market and how it works.

What is a secondary market?

A secondary market is where investors buy and sell existing investments. In the stock market, for example, most stocks are traded on secondary markets rather than being bought directly from companies. This helps boost market liquidity, and opens up new trading opportunities for people who might’ve missed the initial sale.

On MyConstant, our secondary market lists investments others have committed to but now want to sell. You can buy these investments and enjoy interest on the full term (regardless of how much term time is left). It also means you’re no longer locked in for the lifetime of your investments, so long as you can find a buyer for them.

Trevor shows you how to sell your investment on our secondary market (in under 3 minutes).

How does the MyConstant secondary market work?

Selling your investment

Head to your Accounts page and you can sell any of your matched investments using the “End your term early” button listed under the “Investments” tab (pictured below).

Some fuctions of the secondary market
Some fuctions of the secondary market

Confirm you want to sell on the popup window (pictured below) and your investment will rejoin the matching queue. It’ll also disappear from the Investments tab and reappear in the Secondary Market tab where you can track your activity as well as cancel your sell request.


You might wait around 24 hours for someone to buy your investment as they have to accept your interest rate. As soon we find you a buyer, we’ll immediately return your principal and pay you 2% APR on elapsed term time, too.

Buying an investment

To buy another investor’s matched order, simply head to your Pro page and scroll down to the Secondary Investments list on the left. You’ll see the principal – the price you’ll pay – along with the interest you’ll earn and how much term time is left.

Since sellers get 2% APR on elapsed term time, you’ll get whatever the original rate is less 2% on elapsed time, and the full rate for the remaining period. For example, if you buy an investment 30 days into its term with an 8% APR, you get 6% APR on the first 30 days and then 8% APR for the remainder of the term.


Once you find an order you like, click it and the INVEST tab (centre, above) will prefill with the details. You can’t change the interest or term – as it’s a matched order, you’ll match immediately after clicking the “Invest” button.

To review bought investments, again visit the Secondary Market tab on your Accounts page and click Bought (pictured below). Like ordinary investments, you can sell bought investments, too.undefined

How buyers are selected

Buying priority for secondary investments works through a raffle system. Once a sell order is made, the first round starts. Each round lasts 10 minutes. When a round ends, the order is given to a random customer who clicked INVEST during the round.

The first 10-minute round is only available to MyConstant diamond members. Diamond members will receive a notification on their app whenever there’s a secondary market order available. After the diamond round, anyone can bid. Rounds continue every 10 minutes until the order is matched.

(Added as of November 2020) If you’ve been passed over for 10 secondary orders in the raffle, we’ll move you up the waiting queue on the next order. That way, you have a higher probability of getting an order

And that’s it! It’s super simple, and given the strong interest incentive, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a buyer for your investment. So the next time your financial goals change, your investments can change with them.


How long does it take to sell an investment?

It depends on how quickly we find you a buyer. Usually, within 24 hours but might take a little longer in some cases. There’s no time-out so you can continue selling your investment for as long as it takes to find you a buyer. If we can’t sell your investment before your term matures, it will remain yours.

Can you guarantee a sale?

No. It all depends on finding a buyer interested in your investment. However, since the buyer earns interest on the whole term (not just from the date they buy), there is a strong incentive over creating their own order.

Why do you only pay 2% APR on elapsed term time?

To attract buyers, you must offer them interest on the whole term. Otherwise, there’s no incentive over creating their own order. But rather than giving up all the interest due, you keep 2% on elapsed time, ending your investment early while still earning a decent rate.

When you find me a buyer, how long does it take to process the sale?

It’s very fast – almost immediate. As soon as the buyer chooses your investment and confirms the purchase, their funds will transfer to your account. At the same time, we’ll pay you 2% APR on elapsed term time. Your investment will close and you can withdraw the funds whenever you like.

If I buy someone else’s investment, how much interest will I earn?

It depends on the interest rate set for that investment and how much time is left in the term. You can see the interest due under the Secondary Investments list on Pro. Or, you can calculate it yourself using the following formula:

Interest due = ((rate – 2%) x elapsed term time) + (rate x remaining term time))

Can I cancel selling my investment?

Yes, you can do that under the Secondary Market tab on the Accounts page. But if you’ve already matched with a buyer, you won’t be able to cancel. You can simply recreate another investment order.

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