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Boost Your Referrals with Our Remind Button

date September 29, 2021 time 3 min read 1053 views

Referrals are a great way to earn a little more cash on the side – and at MyConstant, we want to make it a little bit easier for you to earn more referrals.

For a while now, we’ve had a Remind button that allows you to urge your friends and other referees to take the next step of their MyConstant journey. It’s proven to be a very effective tool for those of you who have been using it. However, our recent survey found that 60% of affiliates are unsure how to make the most of it.

So, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you make the most of this easy-to-use feature:

What is the Remind button?

Our Remind button is a tool on your dashboard that enables you to remind those on your referral/friends list to complete the next stage of the registration process. 

Reminding your friends to complete the process is a great way to boost earnings for everyone.

Once you click the Remind button, your referee will get an email with instructions specifically for the step they need to complete.

For example, if your referee has yet to submit the documents required to complete the KYC, you can hit that button to remind them. You can also use the Remind button to encourage your referee to link their bank accounts.

Hitting that Remind button will send tailored emails to your referees, showing them what they need to do.

And here’s a tip: Pay attention to the progress tracker you will see on your dashboard. It will help you see where you are in terms of earning your rewards and badges. 

You can track the progress of your referees on our dashboard.

Also, when you click on each referee, you’ll be able to see which of the four stages they are at. Sometimes, those in the third stage just need that nudge to tip them over the line!

Referrers who have used this button have found it to be very effective for converting leads and generating increased revenue.

How to do it right?

One of the concerns raised by some of you in our survey is that it could come across as spam. Let us assure you that if you do it right, then it will be a friendly reminder from someone they trust rather than another spammy notification. 

1. Don’t remind them all the time

The first tip is to make sure you don’t remind them every day. No one likes to be hassled or chased too much. Keep track of your notifications and ensure you are not overusing the tool.

How much is too much? Well, that’s down to you but we’ve found that around two notifications a month is ideal, after analyzing the data.

2. Follow up

Once you’ve reminded them, check in and see if they’ve completed the next step. You can do this by checking your dashboard and providing any support they may need.

Have more than one referee on your list? Try the Remind All button to send tailored emails to each of your friends at the same time.

3. It’s okay to let go

Occasionally, even after three reminders, some referees just won’t budge. Take the opportunity to experiment – you could split-test between “Remind All” and customized reminders. If they still don’t come back, it’s okay to let them go and focus on more promising referees.

A friendly reminder

The key to getting it right with our Remind tool is to take a friendly approach. After all, the benefits of MyConstant sell themselves – what other platform can offer 7% APR instantly and as easily? We are also developing even more materials to help new users get to grips with our platform. 

Keep your eyes peeled.

And after speaking to a few referees through our affiliate program, many appreciate those reminders. 

Therefore, you could be just a click away from boosting your referral revenue with MyConstant.

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