Blog Misc Big Time Game Review: Is it Set for the Big Time?

Big Time Game Review: Is it Set for the Big Time?

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Big Time Game is an action and cooperative role-playing game in which players will act as time-traveling heroes fighting through history. It has a compilation of different periods, where history and technology collide, creating an amazing experience. Currently, Big Time Game is being evaluated as one of the most best NFTs games in 2022. For your better understanding of Big time NFT Game, we will review in detail the rules of the game, how to make money from NFTs, as well as the pros and cons of the game, stay tuned.

Overview of Big Time Game

Big Time NFT Game is an action RPG built on Ethereum. In Big Time Game, the player travels through space and time to protect the fountain of history and fight against a mysterious force that is trying to break through the wall of the annals of space and time.

Players will encounter distorted landmarks, characters, and historical events throughout the game. Additionally, they will fight alongside six other warriors to destroy monstrous entities and earn valuable NFT rewards. Players will be able to customize their character with armor and clothes inspired by various periods in history.

Unlike other blockchain games that require players to set up complex crypto wallets, Big Time NFT Game integrates the entire system directly into the game itself, providing a seamless and convenient experience for players. new. This is the true “GameFi experience” we’ve always wanted, helping to bring GameFi closer to the masses.

The Big Time Game team actively interacts with their community through AMA sessions (on average twice a week) as well as directly exchanging suggestions and feedback from the community on the project’s Discord channel. This strategy has worked remarkably well, with Discord channeling 404,000 members and Twitter having 233,000 followers. You know, the bigger the gaming community, the higher the value of the NFT you own.

Rule of Big Time Game

The player starts the game by choosing a suitable character. The character will not be changed until the player finds the pocket watch obtained from defeating the enemy. The pocket watch allows players to switch between different characters, this is also used to store game progress as players level up.

Characters can be customized with clothing and armor inspired by various periods in history. You can choose for yourself a character to transform into 4 types of characters such as Time Warrior, Chronomancer , Shadowblade, and Quantum Fixer. Each character will have a different personality and mission (if you lose your life, you have 60 seconds to wait for your teammates to save, if you can’t save in time, you will be game over).

When the player defeats the small monster, they will receive the items and reward Token. But achieving a higher value NFT award, the players are forced to kill the final bosses on each mission and complete the adventures.

How to earn NFTs in a Big Time Game?

First of all, you have to earn the Token ( at the moment, Big Time Game has not announced the official name of the Token). Then use the Tokens to buy NFTs. In Big Time NFT Game, the players have to go through 5 steps to earn Tokens:

Step 1: Collect SPACE NFTs in the game or buy them through Marketplace on Big Time Game.

Step 2: Unlock the Timekeeper to advance to the land of mysterious creatures.

Step 3: Find the necessary resources to make Hourglasses.

Step 4: Through the hourglass that you own, you can earn Tokens through the challenge when you activate the clock.

Step 5: Use the Tokens you earn to buy better items and recharge the Hourglasses to continue the process of collecting Tokens or exchanging them for profits.

 How many types of NFTs does the Big Time NFT Game have:

Firstly, SPACE NFT has the same function as LAND in Decentraland and The Sandbox. SPACE NFT is not located in a fixed location, cannot be shared, and is linked to a player’s account in Big Time Game. Available in 5 rarity levels and 3 sizes, the rarer the SPACE NFT, the larger the size will provide more slots, which increases the production and the rate of creation of quality items. SPACE NFT has a fixed supply of 600,000. Last December, 60,000 SPACEs (10% of the total supply) were sold in the public sale. Players can purchase SPACE NFT on Big Time Game’s Marketplace or OpenSea.

Space NFT Big Time Game

The second is Cosmetic NFTs, which are NFTs that improve the appearance of a player’s weapons and armor with unique lighting and sound effects without affecting the in-game power stats. They are produced primarily by Armories and Forges and are operated by the player.

Finally, it’s the Utility NFTs, you need to unlock them by expanding the Time machine. These NFTs can be used as materials for other activities to enhance the character’s strength in the Big Time NFT Game.

Advantages of Big Time Game

The greatest strength of the Big Time Game is very attractive gameplay, characters like “Time Warrior”, “Chronomancer”, “Shadowblade” and “Quantum Fixer” each have special abilities that can be promoted to the upper level on Big Time’s Timeline. 

Users can choose from a vast arsenal of weapons including the Battle Ax, Dual Blades, Two-Handed Greatsword, Sword and Shield, Quantum Scepter, and Warhammer. Each weapon comes with specific perks and combat abilities. You can also decorate and upgrade your own Time Machine, which will take you through the Timelines. Plus, you can play with your friends to increase your chances of winning. Big Time NFT Game has high interactivity and eye-catching graphics, which is something that players appreciate.

Big Time NFT Game gives you the freedom to trade, buy and sell NFTs without an external crypto wallet. They introduced Vault technology, their own patented way to streamline transactions between buyers and sellers. This technology ensures instant payouts and settlements while giving players the certainty of safe and secure assets. Vault enhances the security and safety of your NFTs by eliminating the possibility of losing passwords and wallet information. Their Vault technology also eliminates the need for network fees. The major benefit is the users have the opportunity to pay by bank transfer, Ethereum, Bitcoin, USDC, debit and credit cards.

Disadvantages of Big Time Game

However, the Big Time Game has a restriction, that is the game pace is not too fast, so it has not created stimulation for players.

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