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Aragon (ant) Coin Review: Why Ant Is Pricey Despite Conflict

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The Aragon project has been incentivizing blockchain builders to create decentralized organizations since 2017. Aragon coin is the native token of the Aragon network.  Read on to learn everything you want to know about the Aragon coin including why it was created, how to buy it, and what the future holds for Aragon coin.

According to the official website, more than 1,500 decentralized organizations have been created as part of the Aragon project with more than $650M stored in assets

Aragon makes it quick and easy to build a decentralized organization with people from all around the world. This is an exciting prospect in the cryptocurrency community, but does that make the Aragon coin a good investment?

Read on to get answers to all your Aragon coin questions including how you can invest in ANT and join one of the world’s most innovative communities.

What is Aragon coin (ANT)
What is Aragon coin (ANT) ?

What is Aragon coin (ANT)?

The Aragon project was created to make blockchain adoptions for new platforms simple and easy to set up. The project encourages its users to build DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) by making it easy and rewarding to do so.

Using Aragon’s blockchain tools, DAOs can create Ethereum-based smart contracts for online processes and file-sharing. Aragon can also be used to create centralized digital organizations as well.

The Aragon coin (ANT) enables its holders to govern the Aragon Network by making decisions about the direction of its future development.

What’s a DAO?

A DAO stands for “decentralized autonomous organization”. They are organizations that are entirely self-governed without central leadership. 

Communities typically create DAOs as a means of directing common funds towards common issues. DAOs are built around capital assets (usually a platform-based cryptocurrency much like ANT). The more people that hold these assets and use the platform, the more the value of these assets increases.

Bitcoin is a prime example of a DAO. Bitcoin incentivizes miners to secure its network through the coin. There is no central governing institution and miners are rewarded via inflation.

Aragon’s DAO incentivizes people to participate in their mission to create more DAOs.

DAOs are Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. Organizations where every member can vote on its direction
DAOs are Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. Organizations where every member can vote on its direction (source:

Aragon history and the future of Aragon coin

The Aragon project was founded in 2016 by Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneurs, Luis Cuende, and his co-founder, Jorge Izquierdo.

The project was born out of a desire to streamline the creation and maintenance of companies and organizations.

To encourage the widespread implementation of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), they created a solution that would make the creation of DAOs easy to create, maintain, and upgrade. They came up with Aragon protocol.

Recently, Aragon joined forces with Vocdoni, an open-source technology stack that enables universally verifiable, universal, and scalable voting for traditional organizations.

This development will ensure the improved efficiency of democracy among the Aragon community. With the new update, you will be able to securely contribute your viewpoints on any company-related subject from your smartphone.

Aragon incentivizes innovation and decentralization on the blockchain
Aragon incentivizes innovation and decentralization on the blockchain (source:

Is Aragon coin a good investment?   

What makes Aragon coin a promising investment is the coin’s specific purpose and attributes. 

Aragon continues to adapt and develop and is continuously moving forward. DeFi is increasingly popular these days and if a DAO creator on Aragon manages to bang out another Compound Finance or Yearn.Finance on the protocol then things could get very interesting.

However, there are lots of factors that could derail the progress of Aragon. In January of 2021, there was reportedly a large fallout between the lead development team and the network’s governance body.

In just under a week, 11 employees resigned with many citing philosophical differences with the governance as their main issues. A core member of the team allegedly claimed the governing body was no longer practicing financial transparency.

Despite this, the coin price has stayed reasonably stable and even increased.

Where can I buy Aragon Coin?

There are many places you can invest in Aragon coin. Some of the most popular choices include:

  • Binance
  • BitZ
  • OKEx
  • Huobi
  • Global
  • HBTC

If you want to invest in ANT but don’t want to sell your crypto, you may want to take out a loan against your assets.

You can borrow Aragon coin against your crypto-assets like Ether on MyConstant
You can borrow Aragon coin against your crypto-assets like Ether on MyConstant (source:

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