Blog Partnership AMA Series: Hosting TomoChain on Our Partner Platform, Rove

AMA Series: Hosting TomoChain on Our Partner Platform, Rove

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In the latest episode, we were excited for two reasons. First was welcoming our great friends at TomoChain, one of the most exciting crypto projects and supported by a fantastic community. Secondly, we held the AMA on our partner platform Rove.

Now, you might be wondering what Rove is?

Rove is a new platform designed to make online meetings more personal.
Rove is a new platform designed to make online meetings more personal. (Source:

In short, it’s Zoom and Google Meets but on the metaverse. It gives you your own little corner of digital land, where you can set up your room and scale-up interaction with your colleagues and other stakeholders.

The interaction led to a vibrant AMA with TomoChain and its community. In this post, we’ll review our AMA and outline how you can benefit from doing a session with us too.

About TomoChain

Founded in 2018, Singapore-based TomoChain has come a long way in a short period of time. It aims to support scalability on the Ethereum blockchain and enable interoperability.

Tomochain takes pride in its efficient blockchain.
Tomochain takes pride in its efficient blockchain. (Source: Tomochain)

It can process up to 30,000 transactions a second – compared to Ethereum’s 15 a second. Even the established payment giants of Mastercard and Visa reportedly only process 6,000 transactions a second.

The secret behind TomoChains success is the dynamic, experienced team involved in this project, all from strong financial backgrounds.

So, it’s not surprising we were keen to connect with them again and see what they’ve been up to! And don’t forget, you can use your tomo for 0% APR on our crypto-backed loans product.

AMA recap

In our second AMA with TomoChain, we wanted to share our progress and focus even more on how we can support our respective communities. In this session, we discussed the new products set to be launched in the coming months, the advance of NFTs, and our new MCT token

The MCT token is MyConstant's next major milestone.
The MCT token is MyConstant’s next major milestone. (Source: MyConstant)

The MCT token formed the core of our conversation as we discussed our exciting plans and target of one million users by the end of 2022.

Jointly hosted by TomoChain’s Community Manager, Mi, and our own Senior Business Development Manager, Loudee Nguyen, we covered the following topics:

  • MCT Token: The new cryptocurrency set to be launched by MyConstant this year. Holders will enjoy a full range of benefits, including 20% off borrow products and 20% more interest on fixed-term investments.
  • NFT Marketplace: Early-stage plans for a platform where you can lend and borrow using NFTs.
  • Special offers for the Tomo community: We’re once again offering 0% APR on tomo-backed loans so that you can use your crypto assets without having to sell them.

And to do this on Rove was a hugely exciting opportunity for all of us. We could enjoy a much higher degree of interaction than ever before and take a glimpse into the future of the metaverse.

Transcript of AMA with TomoChain on Rove: The highlights

To give you an idea of how the session went with the Tomo community, we’ve put together a selection of key moments:

What’s the aim of MyConstant itself? Could you give an overview of what MyConstant is building and why?

MyConstant is a peer-to-peer financial ecosystem that bridges traditional finance and the metaverse economy. Supporting both fiat (USD) and digital assets (crypto, TOMO, and NFTs), MyConstant is pioneering a new form of banking that reflects how you borrow and play today. 

How did you guys meet up and get started with the whole idea of AMA collaboration?

We’ve had the opportunity to collaborate, work with, and support listing TOMO since January 2019. We both shared (and continue to share) a mission in looking to make crypto more useful. We connected TOMO holders with investors over a peer-to-peer network, supporting you guys to achieve your financial goals.

Our P2P lending product was the first step toward building a financial ecosystem that helps create wealth and financial opportunities for TOMO holders and people across the globe.

It’s great to know of a reputable place where TOMO holders can use TOMO with the use case as collateral. What innovations exactly are you bringing to the lending ecosystem? What problems will you solve therein?

We offer core banking services in both fiat and digital currencies while reducing the need for trust. We offer a marketplace for investors to choose from multiple lending markets with the best interest rates. 

As a result, borrowers could be individuals, businesses, cryptocurrency exchanges, or even other lending platforms.

Furthermore, we will offer an NFT marketplace for the play-to-earn community soon. Players can buy NFTs to play and pay back in installments, which will make it easier for you to get started.

Awesome. Now let’s take a look at the detailed quarterly project roadmap (i.e., technology and commercial development) with relevant milestones for the next 4-6 quarters.

We’ve matched over $150,000,000 so far with over 150,000 registered customers with a retention rate of 76.7%. So, the next few quarters will be focused on capitalizing on the strong data to build our new MCT Token:

Quarter 2 – Apr 2022: IDO MCT. 

Quarter 3 – 2022: Launch NFTy Guild connecting NFT gaming. investor and player to do business together without costly intermediaries

and Match $500M total volume 

Quarter 4 – 2022: Launch NFT/metaverse assets decentralized lending

By the end of 2022: Reach 1M users

What are the advantages of owning the MCT token? What are the use cases for the MCT tokens within your ecosystem?

The MyConstant Token (MCT) rewards you with exclusive in-platform benefits in return for investing in the future of MyConstant.

Borrow: Pay 20% less interest.

Crypto Swap: Pay 20% lower fees.

Invest: Earn an extra 20% on all fixed-term investments.

Debit card: Get 0.5% cashback in MCT.

Lending Lottery: 5 free tickets per week when receiving interest in MCT. 

NFTy Guild: Pay 50% lower fees.

Every purchase of MCT helps to develop and improve the MyConstant platform. As a result, MCT’s utility will increase over time. 

Now, going back to the TomoChain community. Let’s see what special benefits TOMO holders can enjoy with MyConstant?

That’s a great question, thanks for asking! We do have various advantages that appeal to TOMO customers. For TOMO users now, we have 0% on APR for TOMO-backed loans product.

1. We have some of the most competitive interest rates; starting at just 0% APR a month.

2. Excellent value-added features such as: auto top-up, withdraw money/stablecoins when price is up. TOMO that are easily exchangeable on the platform. 

3. Also, we support more than 75 tokens.

4. We have a professional 24/7 Customer care team who is always here to assist. 

5. And the MCT rewards you for even the simplest actions on the platform. We give you even points and cash as well.

Sign up today

Don’t forget to sign up for a TOMO-backed loan today and start your 0% APR deal, exclusive to the Tomochain community.

Fancy joining? Get in touch with us!

We are passionate about supporting the crypto community and we want to contribute as much as possible. If you want to explore ways to encourage your community to make the most of their crypto, boost engagement, or drive up traffic to your platform – then we’d love to hear from you!

And you don’t have to be a crypto platform either. We are willing to work with you if your site or platform has an engaged and active community interested in crypto and investments. 

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, then drop us a line: [email protected].

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