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8 Best P2p Lending Platforms for Investors in The Us 2021

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Between traditional, collateral-backed, and DeFi lenders, there are many ways to use the best p2p lending for investors to invest. These are the best peer to peer lending for investors in the US.

Risk averse investors today are in a sticky situation. Low-risk investments don’t yield high returns anymore.

Gone are the days when you could throw your money into a high-yield savings account or bonds to squeeze out a clean profit. Now, these investments can’t beat the 2% annual inflation rate. That means you’re actually losing money when you invest.

So what can you do? Throw your cash in the stock market and pray you picked right? Take out a loan to buy real estate? These investments can be great but they require lots of research and maybe you don’t have time for all that or look for financial advisors in Boston to give you proper answers.

You’re in luck.

Today peer to peer lending platforms have created an entirely new asset class for average investors like you. They are increasingly low risk and there are many different platforms competing for new investors with great terms and options. We’re going to briefly go over some of the best P2P lending platforms for investors in 2021.

Traditional Peer to Peer Lending Options

According to some of the best books for financial literacy, traditional P2P lenders connect individual investors to individual borrowers. They are perfect if you operate in fiat currency like USD and want a quick alternative to stocks.

These are some of the best p2p lending for investors options today. Let’s go through p2p blog to find more.


LendingClub is one of the most well-known peer to peer lending for investors. The platform allows you to open either retirement or individual investment accounts investing in unsecured P2P loans. Borrowers that apply on LendingClub are rated from A1 to C5 based on how risky LendingClub thinks they are. Rates range accordingly between 6% for low-risk to a whopping 17% for high risk loans.

A quick breakdown of LendingClub’s noteworthy points.

  • An average 5% yearly net return on investment.
  • 3 or 5-year terms.  
  • A $1,000 minimum investment amount.
  • A borrower default rate between 6-7%.
  • App service for investors.

Note: Lending Club recently announced a major change to its investment model in 2021. This article will be updated as news unfolds.


The first P2P platform in the US, Prosper – one of the best p2p lending for investors allows you to invest in a diverse range of personal loans just like LendingClub. Once you’ve opened an account, you can choose to build your custom portfolio based on different risk ratings or use the Auto Invest tool to let the platform do it for you.

Noteworthy points for Prosper. 

  • On average, Prosper loans earn 5.1% returns.
  • Like LendingClub, they offer 3 or 5-year investment terms. 
  • Unlike other platforms that require a large up-front investment, Prosper only requires a minimum deposit of $25.

They have a default rate between 3-4%, making it slightly less risky than LendingClub.

Peer to peer lending platforms helps you make your money work for you and allows you to maximize your investment
Peer to peer lending platforms helps you make your money work for you and allows you to maximize your investment (source:

One of the biggest strengths of P2P lending for investors is its predictability. Generally a low-risk individual loan will yield consistent returns. However, in the traditional model, individual loans are uncollateralized. This means if a borrower defaults, there is little the platform can do to recover funds and you lose all your money.

That’s a little more risk than many investors are comfortable with. And that’s why a new breed of collateral-backed P2P platforms has sprung into existence with the rise of crypto and blockchain tech.

Crypto-backed peer-to-peer lending options

Crypto-backed peer to peer lending platforms allow you to use your cryptocurrency or USD to fund loans backed by cryptocurrency. Loans collateralized with cryptocurrency are a safer investment than traditional P2P loans because in the case of default there are assets that can immediately be liquidated to cover losses—making them a more steady, long-term investment.

There are many exciting and new best p2p lending sites for investors in this sector.


MyConstant lets you lend cryptocurrency or lend money online to borrowers around the world through collateral-backed loans, delivering a great return on investment with very little risk. Also, MyConstant provides products where you can earn interest on crypto up to 7% APY.

Noteworthy points for MyConstant.

  • MyConstant offers you flexibility with 30, 90, or 180-day terms. Or anytime-withdrawals through our deposit money online product.
  • Since all loans are collateralized, the default rate is low. In fact, we haven’t lost a penny of investor principal since its launch in 2019.
  • $50 minimum investment for normal loans. No minimum for Flex.
  • Returns up to 9% APY.
  • 24/7 customer service.
MyConstant is one of the best P2P lending for investors which gives you a wide range of options to invest in.


With Nexo – one of the best p2p lending for investors, investors earn money by allowing the platform to lend their cryptocurrency to institutions and individual investors through collateralized loans. Investors can choose from a range of cryptos, including Bitcoin, Tether, ETH, ogn coin and Nexo’s own token NEXO.

Formerly known as Credissimo, Nexo has been a major player in fintech for quite some time now.

Noteworthy points for Nexo.

  • Investors can expect up to 5% returns on crypto and 10% on NEXO tokens.
  • Funds can be withdrawn at any time with no penalty. 
  • The minimum and maximum investment returns vary depending on the chosen currency.
  • Similar to MyConstant, Nexo only uses overcollateralized loans. 
  • Unlike MyConstant, Nexo only offers crypto-backed loans and doesn’t facilitate USD investments.
  • Asset insurance policy.


BlockFi interest accounts allow individuals and companies that own crypto assets to earn. The New York-based company’s goal is to offer bank services to crypto holders. BlockFi supports stablecoin and crypto investments funding collateralized loans, which means there’s little risk of default. 

Noteworthy points for BlockFi.

  • No minimum investment amount.
  • 1-month minimum investment terms. 
  • Investors can earn up to 8.6% annually but you cannot invest with fiat currency.
  • Investment returns are variable based on the crypto market.
  • BlockFi offers its own debit card to investors.
  • Asset insurance.

Celsius Network

Created in 2017, Celsius Network boasts some of the best peer to peer lending for investors and great rates on the market. However, these are only accessible to investors in their native cryptocurrency, CEL. Similar to BlockFi and Nexo. Celsius offers crypto-secured P2P loans to both individual borrowers and businesses. But you can only invest in crypto or stablecoins.

Noteworthy points for Celsius Network.

  • Rates up to 24% for investment payments in CEL coins.
  • Rates averaging below 10% for major cryptos like BTC, dgb coin.
  • Fluctuating interest rates based on crypto markets.
  • App-only service.
By investing your crypto through a peer to peer lending platform, you can earn added interest on your balance easily and quickly
By investing your crypto through a peer to peer lending platform, you can earn added interest on your balance easily and quickly (source:

DeFi peer to peer lending options

Decentralized finance lending platforms—also known as DeFi—facilitate crypto lending directly to borrowers through automatic online protocols. That means no loan terms, and no deposit/withdrawal limits. However, returns can change wildly.

Here’s a couple of the most notable platforms.


Compound is a DeFi lending protocol that lets you lend a variety of popular cryptocurrencies to borrowers in exchange for interest., Compound’s returns vary depending on the investment, offering anywhere from 0% to over 6% for in-demand cryptos such as qtum coin.

Whether you are a beginner investor looking to start strong and earn more or a soon-to-be retiree looking to squeeze a bit of extra income before retirement, compound interest investments can provide the breakthrough you need.


The Aave lending protocol has a feature called Credit Delegation. It allows you to lend a range of cryptocurrencies (including harmony crypto) at both fixed and variable interest rates.

This system makes loan terms more flexible between the lender and the borrower but increases the risk of the investment. The returns vary depending on the type of cryptocurrency invested but can range anywhere from 0% to 16%.

Decentralized finance allows users to lend and borrow against the value of their cryptocurrencies through different protocols
Decentralized finance allows users to lend and borrow against the value of their cryptocurrencies through different protocols such as fetch ai staking (source:

How to start earning with crypto-backed P2P lending if you don’t have crypto

As you can see, there is plenty of best p2p lending for investors to choose from today. The industry has been steadily growing in the USA and around the world. Every year there are more and more options out there for you to invest 10000 dollars quick return and earn securely.

But you’ve probably noticed that the greatest innovations in some of the best p2p lending for investors (and the best rates) are in the crypto space. This is no accident. 

Cryptocurrencies could very well be the future of how we invest and earn online. Not tied down by banks or traditional currency control systems, they provide a whole range of benefits including global accessibility, fast transfers, and high liquidity.

However, getting into crypto can be difficult and intimidating. That’s why peer to peer lending for bad credit like MyConstant has stepped up to make things easier.

MyConstant – peer to peer lending for bad credit has stepped up to make things easier. (Source: Pixabay).

We started as a cryptocurrency project in early 2019 but pivoted into the best p2p lending for investors because we saw the need for investors to earn better and safer. Since then, we’ve onboarded tools including our signature collateral-backed loans, our Flex lending pool, and crypto loans.

And best of all, you can deposit in fiat like USD and withdraw in stablecoins completely within our platform with no extra fees. Transfer your stablecoins to exchange and you’re ready to enter the world of crypto.

Come see how you could be doing more with your money and sign up for a free account today.

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